Wrestle With Rigor Mortis & A New Rumbleslam Team!

February 17, 2023 by brennon

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TTCombat has made available a new Rumbleslam team that you can use to wrestle your way through their awesome Fantasy game. This time, the theme is undead and the team are the Body Builders!

Body Builders - Rumbleslam

Body Builders // Rumbleslam

This team is a mishmash of different miniatures with a particular focus on being dead and loving it quite a lot. Leading the way is Good Boy who is the four-legged friend of this team and is there to bring back their limbs that might have been ripped off.

As well as that, you've got the Goatman who is pretty quick and is rather good and shoving other wrestlers around. You've also got the Modern Zombie who is able to zip around the ring and won't have you interrupting her favourite TikTok creator. The Fight Wright is also a hefty addition to your team and can use the fires they conjure in order to melt their opponents. I would imagine that's against the rules...or just cheating.

You've also got the massive Bulging Barrow which is essentially a walking graveyard. This fellow can take damage so that it can add wrestlers back into the ring and can even help keep other wrestlers up thanks to an exhaustive carnal collection.

A pretty fun set that should be fun for those seeking to dive into Rumbleslam with a new team. There is also a new specialist in the form of Dead Of Winter!

Dead Of Winter - Rumbleslam

Dead Of Winter // Rumbleslam

This chap constantly talks to his body and gives it orders. I suppose if nothing else, a headless wrestler is quite a charming sight for the crowd and should win you some brownie points in that regard. As long as the head is in the ring, the body can do some seriously good work and it's a fairly decent grappler as well.

Could you see yourself snapping up these miniatures for Rumbleslam?

"This team is a mishmash of different miniatures with a particular focus on being dead and loving it quite a lot..."

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