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Gnomes Invade The Blood Bowl Pitch In New Team Reveal


Games Workshop showed off a bunch of miniatures over the weekend and some of the favourites seem to be the new Gnome team that you'll be able to pick up for Blood Bowl! Gnomes are one of those factions that doesn't often get a look in when it comes to Warhammer but they've now burst forth from their burrows!

Tackle Racing Risks With Heat Expansion, Heavy Rain


A new expansion is coming for Heat, the awesome racing board game from Days Of Wonder this year. Heavy Rain introduces new dynamics and challenges for you to tackle as you have to face racing in the wet.

Let’s Play: Takkure – How To Play! | Ramper Design

9 months ago 0

Gerry sits down with the team from Ramper Design to show how to play Takkure, their cyberpunk-themed sports game which is a take on rugby!

Catch The Snitch! Pre-Order New Board Game From Knight Games


Knight Games are now taking pre-orders for their Harry Potter universe board game, Catch The Snitch! You are going to be able to dive into a game of Quidditch on the tabletop later this year with your favourite Hogwarts House.

Wrestle With Rigor Mortis & A New Rumbleslam Team!


TTCombat has made available a new Rumbleslam team that you can use to wrestle your way through their awesome Fantasy game. This time, the theme is undead and the team are the Body Builders!

Scrap In Kromlech’s Epic Fantasy Bowl Stadium Terrain!


Kromlech has only gone and bloody done it! They have made a full-on Fantasy Football Stadium for you to play your games of Blood Bowl (or any other game for that matter) inside of! The Fantasy Bowl Stadium is a seriously chunky kit that would be superb for a final showdown between the two best teams in the realm.

Delve Into A New Dungeon Bowl Death Match With New Set


Games Workshop previewed another neat set coming up for pre-order this weekend for those who are fans of Blood Bowl and by extension, Dungeon Bowl. The new Death Match expansion will be available to snap up this weekend featuring two new college teams. 

Kromlech Train New Fantasy Football Champi-Orcs!


Kromlech has been working away on a new set of Fantasy Football miniatures for use in your 28mm games like Blood Bowl. See what you make of the Champi-Orcs who are ready and raring to win the cup!

Snap Up New Blood Bowl Amazons & Star Players Soon


Pre-orders swing over towards the more specialist games within the Games Workshop catalogue this weekend. On Saturday, you'll be able to pre-order the new Kara Temple Harpies, the brand spanking new Amazon team for use in the Fantasy Football board game, Blood Bowl.

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