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Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – Battle Of Crécy

1 month ago 8

Az from Mythic Games joins Gerry and Justin in the studio for another battle in Joan of Arc.

Unboxing Aristeia! – Advanced Tactics Decks & Gaming Mat

1 month ago 6

Carlos from Corvus Belli is here in the studio to unbox a couple of new items for Aristeia!

Let’s Play: Black Seas – Learning The Ropes

1 month ago 27

Gerry and Lance take to the high seas for some naval combat in Black Seas from Warlord Games.

Let’s Play: Oathsworn – Encounter With The Brood Mother

1 month ago 9

Jamie from Shadowborne Games is in the studio with Gerry and Justin to continue on their game of Oathsworn.

Community Spotlight: Pubs, Dark Demons & Devout Kill Teams

1 month ago 12

Come and check out a nice warm pub, terrifying demons from the deep and a host of holy warriors from the grimdark future,.

Let’s Play Joan Of Arc – Saint Michael VS The Dragon

1 month ago 22

Leo from Mythic Games joins Gerry and Justin in the studio to run through another scenario from Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

Weekender: Win Infinity Operation Wildfire & A Star Wars Weekend!

1 month ago 302

Welcome to the Weekender, we've got a huge show for you this week, filled with Infinity news, Star Wars references and casual lightsaber duels to get you through your weekend.

Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – The Sword Of Fierboís

1 month ago 12

Gerry and Justin meet with Leo from Mythic Games to play the starting scenario in Joan Of Arc, the Sword Of Fierboís.

Corvus Belli: Asteroid Blues Campaign Update

1 month ago 4

Carlos from Corvus Belli is in the studio to give us an update on the Asteroid Blues Campaign.

Q&A Time! Learning About Mecha Combat Game Obsidian Protocol!

1 month ago 13

We got a chance to talk to Ren Yi De who has taken to Kickstarter with the mecha combat game Obsidian Protocol which features some stunning looking models.

Let’s Play Time Of Legends – Joan Of Arc: Old God Rising

1 month ago 24

Justin and Gerry face off in a special Joan of Arc scenario from a new Teutonic Knights expansion.

Let’s Play: Oathsworn – Story Mode

1 month ago 9

Join Gerry, Justin and Jamie from Shadowborne Games to play Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood and it's deep and intriguing Story Mode.

Community Spotlight: Mighty Ships, Hulking Barbarians & D-Day Germans


Come and check out some mighty ships of the line, a fantastic barbarian and some plucky Germans for Flames Of War

Weekender: WIN Joan Of Arc Siege Box & Oathsworn Adventure Into The Deepwood


We're talking about two massive Kickstarter campaigns which are going to rock the start of October today on the show!

Unboxing: Black Seas – Master & Commander Starter Set

2 months ago 54

Warren and Gerry get their tricornes on to talk about the Master & Commander Starter Set for Black Seas.

Community Spotlight: Sci-Fi Planes, Underworld Warbands & Direwild Dangers

2 months ago 9

Come and dive into a peek at more of the stunning work from our community this week!

Weekender: Time Of Legends: Destinies Unveiled & WIN Sci-Fi Defences


We looking at the new Mythic Games & Lucky Duck Games Time Of Legends collaboration AND showing off new work from 4Ground too which YOU could win!

VLOG: Talking Pirates With 4Ground & Firelock Games

2 months ago 22

It's the 19th of September and that means it's talk like a Pirate day; since the guys from 4Ground and Firelock Games were in the studio we thought it would be pleasant to talk some Pirate facts.

Interview Time! Talking Barbarians & Orcs With Goya Games

2 months ago 9

With a Kickstarter launching on 20th September at 5pm BST we talked with Matthew Hobday from Goya Games about his history, the campaign he is currently working on and more!

Let’s Play: Kordran Conflict – Siege

2 months ago 1

Josh from Plastic Alchemy is back to go through another Let's Play of Kordran Conflict with Justin.

Community Spotlight: Wild Wizards, Tiny Troops & Mystical Mice

2 months ago 9

Come and join us for a look at some awesome painting from our brilliant community members.

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