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Epic spring clean

Epic spring clean

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Small progress

Tutoring 13
Skill 13
Idea 14
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Gems slivered then soulstone blue on the saim-hann. Bases goblin green then dry brush sun yellow and black rims.

Wave serpentsWave serpents

Wave serpents (not the nice old ones booo) had the same airbrushing as the  Falcons in last update. Then silvered on gems and cockpits and wave plates and the guns had the bloody red.


Rangers have had a coat of camouflage green on the cloaks and then ultramarine blue on the armour and then bone white on the gun and helmet. Followed by skeleton bone on the gun and then sun yellow on the helmets.


Guardians painted a long time ago have had there rims painted black to match new stuff though the basing is different.

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