Raging Heroes Has Some Dark Fairy Tales This October

October 4, 2021 by avernos

Raging Heroes have dropped their bundle of 3D prints for Heroes Infinite and Patreon for October, and for the spookiest of months they have chosen to visit some grim fairy tales and give them their unique twist!



Old Witch // Raging Heroes

As you can see a classic look has been given a new spin as this poor old fruit seller makes her way from house to house hoping that someone will buy one of her lovely shiny apples. Ignore the rats, skulls, and the occasional severed head.

Evil Queen // Heroes Infinite

Completely unrelated to the Old Witch is this stunning Queen, bags of intricate detail has been worked into the cloak and she has a sharpness of features that would suit a vampire or elf caster as well without looking out of place.



There are two versions for the Jabberwocky available with, or without, the Evil Queen. Clutching to a rock I do like that they've curled the monster around itself. That actually makes it much more likely that it will see action on the tabletop as it may fit on a base. Sometimes the ability to have free reign on sculpting makes them display pieces rather than gaming, but no such issue here with the massive fanged beast.

Card Soldiers

Tooth Fairies


Mushroom Warriors

There are not only character models but also a pair of units. The Card Soliders really stand out for me, being recognisable yet at the same so starkly different from anything I am used to seeing. While the Tooth Fairies are apparently have become somewhat impatient and are no longer willing to wait for the teeth to come to them in good time! As Terry once asked "what do they do with all those teeth?" Shroom Warriors for Warren.


Heroes Infinite Exclusive Snow White


Heroes Infinite Exclusive Bad Bad Alice

There are two exclusive alternative versions of some of our heroines for subscribers to Raging Heroes own platform. The Patreon backers will get access to everything except the above versions of the characters. If you're already a Patreon you can move your subscription over to Heroes Infinite to get them and the folks at Raging Heroes have explained how to move in this blog post

Halloween's Dark Fairy Tales // Heroes Infinite

As you can see from the massive scroll of wonder Raging Heroes has conjured up another outstanding collection for Spookytober. I love the fairy tale twist they've taken with the models and the boar riding dwarfs are particularly nice. I can see those coming into a host of games, evil dwarfs are always good value for charging into your opponent and cackling as they refuse to die!

What is your favourite Fairy Tale?

" The Card Soliders really stand out for me, being recognisable yet at the same so starkly different from anything I am used to seeing."

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