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Weekender Lookback: Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeons!


Battle Systems have a new kickstarter for some very cool post apocalypse terrain, but before all that there was of course the much lauded fantasy set. NOTE: THE PRIZE IS NOW GONE!

Weekender LookBack: The Conan Episode!


Today we're digging out an older episode that we thought was a ton of fun to make. Remember the Conan pledge manager is open and ANYONE can still get in on this awesome game THE PRIZE IS GONE ALREADY! Enjoy...

Dropzone Commander Invasion 2014 Part 2


We continue our coverage of the Dropzone Commander Tournament and Open Day Invasion 2014, with reports of how Warren's 4th & 5th games went & an after tournament chat with the team from Hawk Wargames.

Dropzone Commander Invasion 2014 Part 1


We drop in on the Dropzone Commander Tournament and Open Day "Invasion 2014" for Warren to get his first taste of competitive gaming in the Hawk Wargames World.

Dropzone Commander Demo Game Part 1


As we all saw a little while ago, Warren got to unbox the new Dropzone Commander two player starter set. Well he couldn't resist bringing the guys from Hawk Wargames back in to the studio to play through the box's starter mission.

Dropzone Commander Demo Game Part 2


I think it's about time for Warren and the guys from Hawk Wargames to finish up a fantastic game of Dropzone Commander! How will it all come to an end?!

Turanga the Shuuro Expansion


Warren and Alessio sit down to look at Turanga, the first expansion for Shuuro. In the box are two more sets of chess pieces, enough to turn the two player Shuuro in to a four player game! That’s even more fun than just you vs. your friend.

Battle Foam… P.A.C.K. GO


Darrell and Justin take a look at the PACK Go from Battle Foam.

A Badass LARP Film?


Another independent film based on the world of LARP is set to hit screens.

Destructir’s 35pt Khador List


Destructir has sent us a nice spammy Kahdor list... will this be the first list to go unchanged?

Finecast In The Spotlight


Warren and Darrell have a look at some of the new Finecast models from Games Workshop and give us their thoughts... not that Darrell has many...

3 Colours Up Tips: Painting Faces & Hair on a Space Marine


Romain returns with another Backstage painting tip, this time he has some guidance on painting the most expressive part of the model... the head and face.

Do you need something for keeping a lookout?


Andy finally takes a look this huge resin terrain feature, from Tabletop Gaming World. Join him as he builds the tower up and gives us a bit of information about the model and some tips on how to tackle such a big project.

Cygnar Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team


Andy has a look at a unit form Cygnar, today its the Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team an handy looking unit with come really cool ability's.

The Khador Battlegroup Box Set


Warren and BoW Andy (beerogre) kick off what's going to be a regular and massive amount of coverage on Warmachine.

Simple Dwarf Paint Scheme for Big Armies – 3 Colours Up


Mantic are all about big armies, so we set john the challenge to come up with a simple paint scheme for the Dwarfs that us mortals could follow to get a great looking dwarf army with out spending the rest […]

Cryx Cankerworm Character Warjack


Andy gives us a look at the Cankerworm, a serpent-like character warjack for the Cryx faction of Warmachine and gives us his take on its impressive set of unique abilities.

Achilles… is he just ALEPH’s poster boy?


Andy takes a look at that blonde haired mini-TAG... Achilles!

Darrell picks out some Snotlings


They’re small, they’re annoying, but are they any good?

Shuuro, Chess with a Twist!


Warren and Alessio Cavatore sit down for a chat about his new game, Shuuro and to tell the truth it's a great game taking the form of the classic chess set and then going one step farther in to the realms of wargaming.

Darrell Gets Out the Tau XV8 Battlesuit


Darrell delivers his verdict on the Tau XV8 Battle suit.

Cryx Mechanithrals | What’s In The Box


What’s better than zombies? Steam-powered Zombies!!! Andy takes a look at this unit of mechanical meat and gives us an insight into the workings of this mainstay of the Cryx arsenal.

The Space Marine Predator Gets the Unboxing Treatment


Darrell pulls out a Space Marine Predator to have a look and gives us his ideas on how you should use them in your Warhammer 40K games.

Space Marines Thunderfire Cannon


Darrell gets the Thunderfire Cannon for the Space Marines and has a chat about what its good for and how hard it is to build.

Space Marines Assault Squad


Darrell gets some assault marines out to have a look at and lets us know how he would use them.

Neuport 23 From Wings of War


Darrell gets a Nueport 23 From Wings of War and tells us how he thinks it stacks up with some of the other World War one planes.

Games Workshop Battlescape Unboxed


Darrell gets his hands on the Battlescape from Games Workshop and lets us know just what he thinks of it.

Blood Angels Stormraven Unboxed


Is it a bird is it a plane? Oh wait no its Darrell with the new stormraven, finally it’s here and Darrell’s ready to give you the low down on this controversial kit that has had everyone talking.

Ork Warbiker Mob

12 years ago 19

Darrell shows us some Orc Bikers and tells us just how strong they can be if you kit them out in the right way.

Space Wolves Canis Wolfborn

12 years ago 7

Darrell's happy today as he gets to chat about his favourite race in Warhammer 40K the Space Wolves.

Space Marine Tactical Squad

12 years ago 12

Every Space Marine player will have at least a couple of Tactical Squads, so Darrell has decided to open a box of them and stick them together.

Astorath The Grim Unboxed

12 years ago 17

Darrell opens the Blood Angel character, Astorath The Grim and tells us just what he thinks of the model and how he performs in the game.

Dark Eldar Beastmaster


Darrell gets out a Dark Eldar Beastmaster and has another chat about these evil space elves.

Space Marine Devastator Squad


Darrell has a look at one of the classic heavy support choice's for the Space marines and lets us know just why it annoys him.

Imperial Guard Manticore Unboxed


Darrell opens a box containing an Imperial Guard Manticore.

Plague Demon from Ultraforge


Time for another video about Ultraforge Miniatures... starring ME!

We put the Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432 under our HD rig!


Lloyd joins Darrell in the studio to have a look at the Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432.

Panther Tank from Forged in Battle


Unboxing: John checks out another 15mm model from Forged in Battle. This time he checks out the German Panther Tank.

What’s In The Box: M4A1 Sherman Tank Platoon | Flames of War


Unboxing: John has a look at the M4A1 Sherman tank Platoon box from Flames of War.

Holy Zealots and the Monolith Bearer | What’s In The Box


Armed with fiery grenades and a religious fervour, that borders on the self-destructive. Andy gives us a rundown of the abilities of the Holy Zealots and their unit attachment the impressive Monolith Bearer.

Cygnar Long Gunners | What’s In The Box


When people refer to a “Cygnar Gun Line”, it’s these guys they’re talking about. Andy takes us through the workings of Cygnar’s mean firing squad unit... the Long Gunners.

Chaos Space Marine – Vindicator


Darrell gets his hands on a Chaos Vindicator and comes one step closer to going over to the dark side.

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