Pre-Orders Begin For SAGA: Age Of Hannibal Armies & Expansion Book

September 4, 2020 by brennon

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Gripping Beast has begun to take pre-orders for the new expansion to Studio Tomahawk's SAGA with Age Of Hannibal rocking onto their webstore alongside some new warbands for both the Carthaginians and Republic Romans.

SAGA Age Of Hannibal - Studio Tomahawk

SAGA Age Of Hannibal // Studio Tomahawk

In this book, you'll find coverage of the three Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage that took place between 264 and 146 BC. This then covers six different factions (and their Battle Boards) alongside their history, legendary units and specific special rules which make them feel unique on the tabletop.

As well as this you'll also find some new rules for Ruses which help you gift special advantages to your warband and backstabbing options to lay low your enemies. You also have the option to dive into Epic SAGA where you can take your warbands to twelve or eighteen points on each side. This allows you to play out those massive battles from antiquity. Obviously, you can also use these rules to perhaps bring bigger battles to the rest of SAGA too.

SAGA Age Of Hannibal Armies

As well as the new book you've also got two warband sets which you can pre-order. Kicking things off we have Hannibals own with the Carthaginian Warband.

Carthaginian Warband - Gripping Beast

Carthaginian Warband // Gripping Beast

This set helps you dive in with the core of a SAGA force. You get your Warlord, Hearthguard and Warrior options which allow you to build up a great set of 28mm warriors to use in your initial games. All of these metal figures are also available separately which means you can expand your warband immediately from Gripping Beast.

You can also decide to take on the role of the Republic Romans as they try and stop the Carthaginians from destroying their empire.

Republican Roman Warband - Gripping Beast

Republican Roman Warband // Gripping Beast

Again, this offers up your Warlord, Hearthguard and Warrior options as well as a set of Levy to ape the different Auxillary options that the Romans could draw on from across the empire. Much like with the Carthaginians, you can also buy all of these metal options separately.

Roll Your SAGA Dice

Building on the expansion book and the miniatures you'll also need some themed dice for each of the factions. All of these are now available on their webstore and here are the various designs below...

Carthaginian Dice - Studio Tomahawk

Carthaginian Dice // Gripping Beast

Republican Roman Dice - Studio Tomahawk

Republican Roman Dice // Gripping Beast

Barbarian Dice - Studio Tomahawk

Barbarian Dice // Gripping Beast

Greek Dice - Studio Tomahawk

Greek Dice // Gripping Beast

I do like the designs on these dice and they really do keep you "in-world" which I do enjoy. I am very interested to see what else we get in the book for the Greeks and the Barbarian hordes who are also slashing at the edges of the Roman Empire.

Are you tempted to dive in and explore the Age Of Hannibal in SAGA?

"Are you tempted to dive in and explore the Age Of Hannibal in SAGA?"

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