Dive Into A Narrative Campaign For OnePageRules’ Grimdark Future

January 8, 2021 by brennon

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Building on the options for Grimdark Future, the folks at OnePageRules have now released their narrative campaign for their Sci-Fi wargame called Jakob's Path. You can download the whole pack right now and get stuck in with your Battle Brothers and Orc Marauders.

Jakobs Path - OnePageRules

Jakob's Path // OnePageRules

Here's the background to Jakob's Path...

"Jakob’s Path is a narrative campaign for Grimdark Future that follows the story of Jakob, a ruthless Battle Brothers captain, in his quest to conquer the Orc world of Zeloria-M5, whilst searching for a mysterious artefact."

The campaign flows through ten missions which are all tied together to produce an epic climactic clash at the end. As well as just fighting regular battles you'll also find rules for unit progression and such so you'll see your troops become veterans during their endeavours.

As well as providing the framework for the narrative and the missions, all driven by the free Grimdark Future rules by OnePageRules, you will also find some sets of paper miniatures and 2D terrain. If you don't have an army of plastic at your command you can still dive in and give this a go.

Paper Miniatures #1 - OnePageRules

Battle Brothers Paper Miniatures // OnePageRules

Paper Miniatures #2 - OnePageRules

Orc Marauders Paper Miniatures // OnePageRules

In addition to these rank and file options which you can print and stick together quickly, they have also got a character pack which is centred around Jakob's Path specifically. You could maybe even take these characters beyond this campaign and introduce them into your subsequent games of Grimdark Future.

Paper Miniatures #3 - OnePageRules

Jakob's Path Characters // OnePageRules

You can also pick up the terrain as mentioned above. All of this is included as part of the Jakob's Path bundle which gives you everything in one big download from Wargame Vault. You can also purchase the individual elements separately if you like, especially if you already have some of the 2D files from their Patreon.

Paper Terrain - OnePageRules

Paper Terrain // OnePageRules

This seems like it could be well worth a go and I love that OnePageRules has been doing a heck of a lot to build on the success of their quick and easy rules. Rather than it simply being something to dip your toe into, they've continued to iterate and build on Grimdark Future and more to make it a really fun alternative to the likes of Warhammer 40,000.

I am a big fan of narrative campaigns and Jakob's Path seems like a fun way to dive into this particular system!

"...they've continued to iterate and build on Grimdark Future and more to make it a really fun alternative to the likes of Warhammer 40,000"

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