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Studio Miniatures Focus In On The Afghan & Sikh Wars


Studio Miniatures has built on their collection of Historical miniatures with a few more models to suit the 1st Afghan War and the Sikh Wars.

Cult Of Games XLBS: “Who Lives In A Wargamer Basement Like This?”


We're back for Cult Of Games XLBS as we venture into the realm of hobby and battle the demons of procrastination as we work out what we're going to be getting up to in 2021.

Jazz Age British Now Available From Empress Miniatures


Empress Miniatures has added some new British Infantry options into the mix for your games set during the period of Jazz Age Imperialism.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Is Sci-Fi Wargaming Boring?


We're back with more Cult Of Games XLBS goodness as we try and solve a problem for Warren. Is Sci-Fi wargaming boring and if so, how do we make it interesting?

Sarissa Precision Lay Down An Impressive Set Of Rails


Sarissa Precision has built another neat addition to their Terrain Tile collection. Their new Rail Set is a great set of 28mm terrain for you to use in your games across all manner of time periods.

Iron Duke Miniatures British Annex The Orange River Sovereignty


Empress Miniatures have two new releases from the vaults of Iron Duke Miniatures they are packs of mid 19th-century British infantry that can be used for what is delightfully called colonial warfare. 

Relaunch Of 1750: Britain VS France Card Game Kickstarter


Battle Hardened Games is ready to go back to Kickstarter to make their game 1750: Britain vs. France Card Game a reality.

Heroic Lt. Col. Durnford Holds His Own With Wargames Illustrated


Wargames Illustrated have added another heroic individual to their Giants In Miniature range, Lt. Col. Durnford.

Studio Tomahawk Jump Into The Adventures Of CONGO


Studio Tomahawk have delved into the way you play games of CONGO, their new venture, on the tabletop. Filled with adventurous expeditions and more this looks like a game worth checking out in more detail...

Warlord’s 4th of July Independence Day Deals


Thinking about gaming in a different era? Have you given thought to the American War of Independance? With it being the 4th of July, Warlord Games is making it easier for you to start.

Wargames Illustrated Talking Congo Soon


Wargames Illustrated have previewed a look at what's coming soon in Issue 342 concerning Congo. They are going to be giving us a first look at the rules for Studio Tomahawk...

Empress Gather More Soldiers For The Indian Mutiny Range


Empress Miniatures have just picked up a whole bunch of new models for their Indian Mutiny range. However, these won't be on the webstore for a while but should be available at a wargaming show in York soon...

New Faces For The Gunfighter’s Ball Line From Knuckleduster


A wagonful of new folks have landed themselves in the West, courtesy of Knuckleduster Miniatures. There's new Gunslingers and Bystanders from the Gunfighter's Ball line, ready for you to add to your battles or dioramas.

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: The Bloody Pond & Using Cannons


We continue with our look at the French & Indian War as we follow up on the events of the Battle of the Monongahela and learn of The Bloody Pond and how cannons were used to great effect.

Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: The Battle Of The Monongahela


In this first instalment of the new year on Fighting The French & Indian War we're taken through the particulars of The Battle Of The Monongahela. See how the battle was fought within...

Weekender: Fantasy Wrestling, X-Wing & Tyrants Of The Underdark Interview


Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: Part Two – Defending Fort Necessity


Fighting The French & Indian War On The Tabletop: Part One – The Conflict Builds


Community member elessar2590 begins a new article series looking at the French & Indian War starting off with a bit of the background on the origins on the conflict and a run down of the people involved...

Empress & Iron Duke Miniatures Set To Release More Troops For Indian Mutiny


Empress Miniatures and Iron Duke Miniatures have continued their partnership and now offer more troops for the Indian Mutiny.

Underground Lasers Build A Tabletop Worthy Colonial House


We've seen a lot of superb grand MDF projects from companies but sometimes it is the simple things that make a tabletop pop.

Grab The Bull By The Horns With Impondo Zankhomo Zulu War Rules


Impondo Zankhomo, The Horns of the Bull the new rule set for the Anglo-Zulu War from Matakishi's Tea House is ready for your reading pleasure.

Studio Tomahawk Visit Wargames Illustrated Showing Off Congo


Studio Tomahawk have visited the Wargames Illustrated crew and they showed off how to play their upcoming game, Congo. While it's neat to see it's coming along nicely it was great to see some more of the components for the game which look very fun...

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