Weekender: Fantasy Wrestling, X-Wing & Tyrants Of The Underdark Interview

December 19, 2015 by lloyd

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Welcome to the last set of Weekenders before Christmas. We've got loads to talk about and we're totally in the Holiday spirit although I think Star Wars might have crept in their somewhere too to make us feel awesome (wasn't it great!).

Weekender: Fantasy Wrestling, X-Wing & Tyrants Of The Underdark Interview

BoW Gaming Awards

We kick off with a reminder that we're currently running the Beasts of War Gaming Awards 2015 with the nomination stage going on right now. This is where YOU not US decide what gets added to the short lists for a second round of voting in January.

You can go and check it all out for yourself and let us know what your suggestions have been. We'd love to see more independent games come to the forefront this year so get thinking.

News Time

  • 4Ground Building Façades - 4Ground have surprised us with some awesome new 28mm building façades for use in Sci-Fi and modern era gaming.
  • ArcWorlde Starter Box - The Warploque Team are outdoing themselves once again with a new Starter Box for four players coming out in the new year.
  • Bolt Action Winter Germans - Wrap up warm with the Germans as they match the Americans for their winter clothing during World War II. Someone is going to have to change...
  • Italeri Rorke's Drift Set - Italeri have surprised us with a big set full of soldiers. Come and see what's inside this boxed set allowing you to replay the scenes from the movie.
  • Team Yankee Terrain - Making sure you have just the right atmosphere for a Cold War battle see what Battlefront have been working on.
  • X-Wing Releases - Killian takes us through the massive array of X-Wing releases that have been hitting over the past few days and weeks.

Strike On Endor X-Wing Rules

Don't forget to grab the rules we put up this week giving you a chance to play out the awesome X-Wing on Endor scenario we played out here in the studio with AT-ATs and AT-STs!

Tyrants Of The Underdark Interview

Warren and Ben got to sit down with John Paul Brisigotti and chat about one of the new games from Gale Force Nine under partnership with Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons.

Tyrants of the Underdark is looking superb and we can't wait to give it a proper try. Have you always wondered about what kind of Drow empire you'd build?

Fantasy Wrestling & Explosions

Don't forget that if you want to get involved in the discussion surrounding how Kickstarters come to life we've got a fantastic new series in the works by Massive Awesome which you can read HERE which will be a fly on the wall style look at developing your first campaign.

  • Rumbleslam - Wrestling + Fantasy Races? What could be better!? We have a look at this game from TTCombat where big teams of wrestles smash the snot out of each other in the ring.
  • Boomblastic - On the hobby side of things we also highlight the Kickstarter from Wargames Bakery where you can get explosions, flashes and more for use with your Sci-Fi weapons. These are looking great for adding cinematic effects to the battlefield.

Phew, well that was quite a lot of awesome stuff right? Don't forget tomorrow morning we have another show entirely...

Join Backstage To Watch XLBS Tomorrow Morning

...so maybe we'll see you then and if we don't then have a very Merry Christmas!

Have a great start to the weekend!

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