Encounter A Ghost Town With 4Ground’s Dead Man’s Hand Terrain

March 28, 2017 by brennon

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To coincide with the launch of Curse Of Dead Man's Hand, Great Escape Games teamed up with 4Ground to create a range of terrain perfect for the undead-ridden streets of this Wild West town.

Dead Man's Hand Collection

The collection can be snapped up from over on the Great Escape Games website and contains six different ruined dwellings that have seen better days as well as the amazing Church kit which has been blasted and battered by eldritch powers and the ravages of time.

Ruined Dwelling #1

While you might think that you could come up with the same results by taking a hammer to your 4Ground buildings I think that they've done a great job of creating just enough damage and mayhem here to make it feel realistic.

Ruined Dwelling #2

You can imagine the undead busting through some of these walls and gunfighters trying to hold all of the new entrances to their dwellings against the enemy. It certainly opens up the lines of fire!

The Church, of course, has to take centre stage with its now wonky steeple leaning back dangerously into the rest of the roof.

 Ruined Church

If you're looking for some characterful pieces then this really does set the scene for games of Curse Of Dead Man's Hand. There's even a creepy Carriage that could be the thing that bought whatever terrible beast did this into the town...


Now you just need the gangs, a nice mat or board and some rules to get stuck into a bit of Weird Wild West gameplay.

What do you think of the new terrain kits?

"...they've done a great job of creating just enough damage and mayhem here to make it feel realistic"

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