Final Week For Archon’s Rampart Modular Terrain Kickstarter

December 11, 2019 by brennon

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Archon Studio is moving into their final week or so of the campaign to bring their Rampart Modular Terrain to the tabletop. This set of hard-plastic terrain has been updated and tweaked to give you as many options as possible whilst also being darn robust for the job of gaming. Here is their spiel to get you going...

Rampart Terrain 19 - Archon Studio

Check Out The Kickstarter Campaign Here

There is certainly a lot that you can do with their terrain and I know that Warren, Lloyd, Gerry and the rest of the folks in the studio have had a lot of fun tinkering with it in the process of making our massive Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse table. You can check out the video all about that here...

There is a lot that you can do with this stuff and we had fun making sure that it stretched way up high into the sky. However, there's no reason you have to build up and be as grand as we were! You could also focus your attention to smaller tabletops and use some of the core sets they are offering to make tabletops for smaller skirmish games like Warcry, Necromunda, Kill Team and the like.

The Core Sets

Here are the different sets that they have in the mix at the moment which could be used for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargames.

Cobalt Factory - Archon Studio

The Cobalt Factory (above) is new in the mix and comes with some really interesting elements which could be used to make more grim and dirty locations. If you're looking to try and focus things in around interiors and the like I think you could do some good stuff with this, especially with the various floor tiles.

Of course, you've then got the big Eternal Cathedral here which is for those grand grimdark tabletops and ancient cities.

Eternal Cathedral - Archon Studio

You've also got this rather interesting alternative for those that want to do something entirely different. Here is the Kazumi Temple which would be awesome for those looking to build up a jungle tabletop where the likes of the Seraphon and ancient Lizardmen lurk.

Kazumi Temple - Archon Studio

Personally, though, I like the idea that you could include this as part of a Pulp adventure. There's no reason that this needs to be tied directly to Fantasy or Sci-Fi as you could instead have some treasure hunters and dangerous cultists running around in the ruins looking to try and find some lost and forgotten artefact. I'm thinking something along the lines of Pulp Alley or 7TV played out over this.

Stretch Goals

It wouldn't be a Kickstarter without a mountain of Stretch Goals for you to unlock and the folks at Archon Studio have been doing some great stuff in that regard with lots of add-on pieces and accessories which help to add more character to their terrain pieces.

Stretch Goals 19 - Archon Studio

Check Out The Kickstarter Campaign Here

There are some nice bits and pieces here which give you some good options for adding in more narrative elements. Anything that helps to tell more of the story on the tabletop is nice to see. You could come up with some good uses for a lot of the objective-style pieces they have in the mix.

What do you think of the offerings from Archon Studio?

"What do you think of the offerings from Archon Studio?"

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