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May 20, 2020 by brennon

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LOOTgames are closing in on their final week on Kickstarter for their Not All Bunkers Created Equal project. They have made great strides with backers and managed to fund the project which is perfect for those who want to jump in and get their hands on some great 3D Printable Sci-Fi terrain.

-5ec4fb7d437c4--5ec4fb7d437c5LOOTGames Main Image.png

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We talked about the campaign on The Weekender last week where we discussed how the range would be great for those looking to create awesome Sci-Fi battlefields with a narrative focus. As well as being good for Sci-Fi games, we also think they'd be perfect for use in some Pulp games too like 7TV and the like, especially when you see their big ol' rocket!

-5ec4fb87b0724--5ec4fb87b0725Rocket Silo - LOOTgames.png

You can immediately work out how this would be used in your games. Imagine having to try and stop this from launching with your team of spies whilst the big bad guy tries to stop you with his gaggle of minions!

Perhaps this could be one of the ways that you try and stop the big bad guy from enacting his plans? This Bunker option here looks like the kind of place that you could break into and start setting off explosives to cause a chain reaction across the tabletop. Again, this is the nice narrative focal point for the range and I think anything which breeds storytelling on the tabletop gets a thumbs up from me.

-5ec4fb83cfee9--5ec4fb83cfeeaPower Silo - LOOTgames.png

Another of the slightly smaller structures here is this rather impressive piece. Again, this is perfect as some kind of doomsday machine which is no doubt going to be powered up and used to disintegrate things on a massive scale...right? Maybe I'm letting my storytelling get away from me but I think this is a rather awesome piece just by itself.

-5ec4fb8970850--5ec4fb8970851Sphere - LOOTgames.png

You've also got this much larger structure which is potentially more Sci-Fi in its style. The domed roof with that alien globe inside it could potentially be used as a research project or perhaps something more defensive on the planet. Note all the intricate design elements worked into the walls as well here which add texture to the building.

-5ec4fb8b3c998--5ec4fb8b3c999Tower - LOOTgames.png

That could very easily have all been flat panels and such across the outside of the structure but the patterning helps break things up. Also, it would be a lot of fun to paint that with a bit of drybrushing and a good wash which settles into the cracks! For example, here is one of the finished prints...

Finished Print

As you can see, it doesn't take much to make them look good and in this case particularly grimdark!

Stretch Goals & Past Projects

As well as some of the options presented above, the team at LOOTgames are also aiming towards unlocking some additional packs when they hit specific goals. As you can see, they have ideas for more scatter terrain (which is great for any game) and then a Huge Railgun. Well, that has me excited!

LOOTgames Unlocked Stretch Goals

As well as offering up new miniatures, there are also links back to previous projects they have worked on and options for VIP LOOTer I (the pledge level). Maybe you fancy their Warmachines For Survival collection...

Post Apocalyptic Stuff

...or perhaps some pieces from Scatter Terrain, Post-Apocalyptic Settlement and Rocket Park? There are plenty of options beyond what's presented as part of the Bunkers Kickstarter.

Settlement Bundle

You have a lot of choice here and as mentioned above, the real focus here is on some great narrative pieces which aid storytelling on the battlefield.

Check Out More From Their Kickstarter

With so many Sci-Fi and Pulp games out there right now, you'd find a good use for these particular pieces in one way or another. Plus, dependant on how you paint them, you might be able to transcend from genres too.

Will you be checking out this Kickstarter?

"...the real focus here is on some great narrative pieces which aid storytelling on the battlefield"

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