Monster Fight Club Bring Pre-Painted Terrain To Kickstarter

April 18, 2019 by brennon

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Monster Fight Club is now live on Kickstarter with their campaign to bring Monster Terrain to the tabletop. This is a range of pre-painted terrain which is built for those looking to quickly arrange battlefields so they can get stuck into the fighting.

Monster Terrain Kickstarter

As mentioned above, the team have been working on a range of pre-painted terrain which is game-ready. This falls into a few different categories starting off with bundles and pledges which work for smalling gaming tables all the way up to massive ones.

Skirmish Pledge - Monster Terrain

At its core, you can choose just a single piece of Monster Terrain to help embellish your battlefield but you can start to crank this up with additional options as you look through the pledge levels.

I think that this particular level, Adventure, might be the one to go for if you're looking to build a table. You get a good selection of terrain here for maybe a 3x3 or 4x4 tabletop.

Adventure Pledge - Monster Terrain

Also, free stretch goals get unlocked at this level which is usually a good buy in for Kickstarter campaigns like this. Beyond that, you also have the Battle Level Pledge.

Battle Pledge - Monster Terrain

And then, as things start to develop and you build up your tables to span beyond that 4x4 landscape you've got options for Campaign...

Campaign Pledge - Monster Terrain

...and War. There is also a Cataclysm level pledge which gets you sixty different terrain options but it does cost $2,000 so it might not be for everyone.

War Pledge - Monster Terrain

Personally, as I mentioned above I think I'd just go in on the Adventure level to get yourself a range of different options but not blow a hole in your wallet. Terrain choices are as you've seen here with trees that have removable canopies, rock formations, broken and unforgiving terrain, barricades and walkways and a few templates which sit under your options.

Dawn talked to Monster Fight Club at AdeptiCon this year and you can see her interview below...

This seems like a pretty cool idea so if you're wanting to get a tabletop ready sharpish you now have another option to look at!

Will you be giving this a look?

"...the team have been working on a range of pre-painted terrain which is game-ready"

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