New Fantasy Bits Now Available From Kromlech’s Bits Of War

July 1, 2020 by brennon

Kromlech have released a new set of fun looking terrain bits which will be very helpful when adding some colour and life to your Fantasy (and Historical) tabletops. These are going to be great for using as objectives and a nice bit of set dressing too.

Treasure Chests - Kromlech.jpg

Treasure Chests // Kromlech

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We start with something that every adventurer is seeking when they go off on a quest. Treasure Chests can be a great incentive for warbands and gangs on the tabletop and this would be a really nice set of options for those delving into the world of Frostgrave as an example. You could also dot these chests around a dungeon when doing some roleplaying, a perfect way to lure players into a trap.

These could also be some good objective tokens in a skirmish game. There could be many reasons why small armies are looking to hunt down these pay chests, perhaps to secure them for your master or to use gold for nefarious means.

Inside The Wizard's Tower - Arcane Tomes & Magic Accessories

As well as the chests above, there is a different form of treasure that you can seek out during your adventures. Knowledge goes a long way and perhaps you'll find something of use within these Arcane Tomes which are also available this month.

Arcane Tomes - Kromlech.jpg

Arcane Tomes // Kromlech

I always like the idea of painting up books and these could be shoved onto bookshelves and strewn across tables in-game. I love that they each have different covers and you could very easily use these to make up some kind of fun puzzle for your adventurers to solve.

Adding to the idea of building up a Wizard's nook atop a tumbling tower you can also pick up the Wizard's Desk Accessories which add plenty more character to your terrain.

Wizards Desk Accessories - Kromlech.jpg

Wizards Desk Accessories // Kromlech

This is the kind of thing that would be perfect to use alongside the terrain that Kromlech releases for the world of Frostgrave.

Wizards Accessories - Kromlech.jpg

Arcane Tomes & Wizard's Desk Accessories // Kromlech

Filling rooms with these kinds of odds and ends would add a lot of colour to your skirmish games and make the search for secrets even more fun.

Heading To The Tavern!

As well as the bits and pieces above which would be great for adding some flavour to your arcane abode, you can also build up the look and feel of a Fantasy Town with three new sets too. The first of these is the Tavern Feast.

Tavern Feast - Kromlech.jpg

Tavern Feast // Kromlech

This would be a nice way to build up a tavern setting when your campaign kicks off. I like the idea of also using this to add some colour to the likes of guards quarters and festivals too. Throwing this kind of thing into the mix might also give your players some fun ideas. Perhaps you could smack that ruffian around the face with a fish or a frying pan filled with sausages?

You can also start to build the illusion of a bustling market with two sets of Marketplace options. You can get both Set #1 and Set #2 right now which are packed with different types of vegetables and foodstuffs which are on sale to the locals.

Fantasy Town Marketplace Set #1 - Kromlech

Fantasy Town Marketplace Set #1 // Kromlech

Fantasy Town Marketplace Set #2 - Kromlech.jpg

Fantasy Town Marketplace Set #2 // Kromlech

All of this, again, can be used to adorn some of the wonderful terrain that Kromlech has already created. You might not use this in games like Frostgrave since the city has long since perished beneath the ice but this would be fantastic for plenty of other Fantasy games.

Fantasy Town Marketplace - Kromlech

Fantasy Town Marketplace // Kromlech

All of the terrain here is made using high-quality resin and looks very nice once it has been painted up as you'll have no doubt seen above. Working on these kinds of incidental terrain pieces is always fun and something a little different from painting endless amounts of rank and file troops.

Will you be picking up these terrain pieces for your own collection?

"Working on these kinds of incidental terrain pieces is always fun and something a little different from painting endless amounts of rank and file troops..."

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