Sarissa Bring More Burrows & Badgers Terrain To Life

September 21, 2018 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision has been working with the team from Oathsworn Miniatures on more terrain for you to use in your games of Burrows & Badgers. Three more buildings are on the way starting off with this rather awesome piece, Undergrass.

Undergrass - Sarissa Precision

"'Blind' Billy Sharptooth lives in a sixteen-room mansion, although you might not know it from the outside… most visitors never make it through the trapdoor, as the irritable and cantankerous old mole can be very choosy about who he lets in. But leave your calling card in his mailbox, and you might be one of the lucky ones!"

I utterly adore this. It's such a simple piece of terrain but immediately creates an evocative image of this world and its inhabitants. It also throws into the ring the idea of playing out some great scenarios down in Undergrass!

Imagine Billy Sharptooth stealing away with some secret and your warbands having to not only find his home above ground but also then head down into his mansion in search of the treasure!

We also have this little terrain piece, Salvor's Burrow.

Salvors Burrow - Sarissa Precision

"Some houses grow in height – new floors are added, extensions built, and soon the whole thing is a wobbling, cobbled-together eyesore. Salvor Lopear hates that; she loves her burrow, which just has a neat, pretty little triangular entrance above ground. And if she decides to dig another room or three down below, then nobody can complain about it, can they?"

All of the flavour text you're reading here by the way as provided by Michael at Oathsworn Miniatures and shows off just how much he loves his world, generating fluff and background for something as simple as these terrain pieces!

This is how I imagine painting/finishing a lot of my buildings from Sarissa for Burrows & Badgers; using turf to cover the roofs and give them a Shire-like feel.

Last but not least we have a perfect place for a clash out in the wilderness. Here is The Altar of the Unknown God.

The Altar of the Unknown God - Sarissa Precision

"Deep in the woods to the east of town lies a stone circle, with an altar in the middle. It was there long before Warren Percy was first built, and no-one knows just who, or what, it was dedicated to. Rumours abound of dark practices, rituals and sacrifices to the Horned God. But whatever the truth is, the townsfolk often leave gifts and offerings at the altar. After all, you never know who's watching..."

A rather simple piece I think you'll agree but something that you could use as a display piece as well as an objective during your games. I think this would benefit from being added into a larger 'landscape' where you dotted trees and such around it and maybe even worked in something to sit atop the altar in the middle, offerings maybe?

What do you think of these new terrain pieces which will be available very soon from Sarissa?

"It also throws into the ring the idea of playing out some great scenarios down in Undergrass!"

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