Sarissa Precision Set Up Burrows & Badgers’ Lorgam’s Smithy

May 11, 2020 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision has been tinkering on a new terrain piece for those playing Burrows & Badgers. Lorgam's Smithy is a new addition to their rather expansive range which provides you with a selection of homely looking buildings for this anthropomorphic world.

Lorgams Smithy #1 - Sarissa Precision

Here is some of the background for this particular building and how it fits into Burrows & BAdgers...

"In the town of Warren Percy, the Smithy serves as a regular meeting place, a shrine, and the home of the famous mole blacksmith, Lorgam Ironsmite. Whether working the iron to forge a new pan for Emily Rumbolt, or a new sword for Tollimus Skulp, or even serving in his other job as Priest of Gofannon the Smith-God, Lorgam’s home is constantly ringing with the sounds of hammer on anvil. So if you’re looking for the best steel around, or just want the blessing of a hard-hitting God, head over to Lorgam’s Smithy. Just watch out for the sparks!"

This is a wonderful little piece which comes with the idyllic looking main section of the smithy which serves as the workshop whilst outdoors you have the forge and space for the master to craft his wears.

-5eb911fae50ab--5eb911fae50adLorgams Smithy #2 - Sarissa Precision.jpg

The building comes unpainted and unassembled in MDF but wouldn't take long to bring to life. You could do some great work here with a quick undercoat and some weathering techniques. Conversely, you could also go all out and paint it up in as much detail as you see here!

The Wider Range

As I mentioned above, Sarissa Precision has created a selection of official terrain kits for Burrows & Badgers which you can find HERE.

Burrows & Badgers Collection #1 - Sarissa Precision

There are some lovely looking houses, objectives for you to focus on during scenarios and statement pieces too. Handily, all of the terrain that you can buy here matches with the scenarios from the new Warren Percy Affair expansion for Burrows & Badgers too.

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up some of this collection? I have a couple of buildings and I need to get them finished one day!

What do you think?

"I have a couple of buildings and I need to get them finished one day!"

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