Battle It Out In The Alamo With Sarissa Precision On Kickstarter

February 25, 2020 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund the production of a big terrain project. The Alamo, made using a range of MDF buildings and their Terrain Tile System, is a massive undertaking and you can help get it to the tabletop.

The Alamo - Sarissa Precision

The Alamo as a whole is a rather impressive piece of construction which breaks down into a variety of different pledge levels with alternative Compound elements and also The Chapel which acts as one of the iconic pieces within the collection.

There are also a lot of different elements which can be added into the mix as well like a selection of Earthwork Redoubts and also the option to get it built and/or painted alongside some storage options for good measure. As you'll see in these images, The Alamo doesn't need to be used for your typical Wild West shootouts either...

The Alamo Star Wars - Sarissa Precision

These buildings and their associated terrain tile elements would make a good place for Rebels to hide out in games of Star Wars: Legion and you could also see them being useful for more Modern clashes as well.

The Alamo Moderns - Sarissa Precision

The set is nice and diverse in that regard and thanks to the tile system that Sarissa Precision has put in alongside the terrain you can set up all manner of modular designs without too much worry at all.

I think it's very neat that Sarissa Precision has tried to get this much larger project off the ground with the aid of Kickstarter and it certainly seems like the community agrees. The campaign is already funded which means the getting involved on this one is (more of) a surefire thing.

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up The Alamo?

" can set up all manner of modular designs without too much worry at all"

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