Versatile Fantasy/Steampunk Terrain Kickstarter Live From Cracked Earth Studios

June 19, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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If you followed the Adepticon coverage this year, you should remember seeing the amazing terrain from Cracked Earth Studios.

CES Adepticon

It was GORGEOUS - and like a moth to the flame, I was drawn to it in the rooms where it was in use. It set the scene perfectly, whether it was Warmachine or Malifaux and I knew we were going to have to watch for this project to go up on Kickstarter. I'm very happy to say, that moment has finally arrived! This is Cracked Earth Studios Miniature Tabletop Gaming Terrain.


Cracked Earth Studios is proud to announce that their project is live and ready to dress your tables in stunning 25-35mm fantasy/steampunk terrain! The mastermind behind this amazing project is Jace Gostisha, who is not only an experienced product developer and masterful painter, but perhaps more importantly- a life-long gamer.

Jace knows full well that by nature, we gamers often suffer from shiny syndrome (myself included), which we end up collecting numerous different games that invariably all require different terrain to be able to play.

CES Tavern

CES water

What if you had the ability to change up the look of your terrain without having to completely dismantle, kit-bash or repaint it? That is the million dollar question and Cracked Earth Studios has found a perfect solution with their ingenious peg system. This peg system allows gamers to tailor the look of their terrain to whichever game they are playing by having key elements available on pegs.

This project features a line of fantasy terrain with steampunk accessories. Want to play Kings of War? Play it as is. Want to play Warmachine or Malifaux? Add the steampunk features and off you go! It's that easy. And if the clever peg system isn't enough, I haven't even told you the best part- this beautiful, resin terrain comes lovingly, and skillfully pre-painted.

So when your package arrives, you open it, place it on your table, and you play your game. No muss, no fuss. Hooray for instant gratification!

CES Tower

CES weathermane

CES trees

CES blockades

To start, this project is offering two pieces, the Magefate Tower and the Nomad's Inn & Tavern - and by what we saw at Adepticon, there's more where that came from! Speaking of that, did you notice the trees? They are in the stretch goals along with all sorts of additional extras- including more buildings! Head on over to the Kickstarter to see for yourself!

Will you be adding this stunning, versatile terrain to your tables?

"This project features a line of fantasy terrain with steampunk accessories. Want to play Kings of War? Play it as is. Want to play Warmachine or Malifaux?"

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