Alas No Weekender BUT A Bolt Action Battle Instead!

July 26, 2013 by brennon

Hey there folks! Alas there won't be a Weekender or XLBS this coming weekend as some of us have come down a bit under the weather. However to make up for it we have the continuing part of the Bolt Action demo game featuring Warren, Alessio and Andy! Which of the two forces will make it to the plans in time?

Bolt Action Battles Part 1

Check out Part 1: //

As well as Bolt Action we also have a little surprise video from Warren's trip up to Nottingham!

To tide you over take a look back through some of the links from this week and check out another article hitting this Sunday!


Release Watch:-

Empire of the Blazing Sun Ke-Ho Ironclad

Empire of the Blazing Sun Imperial Rifles Infantry Section

Federated States Armoured Infantry Section

Kingdom of Britannia Terrier Ironclad

Kingdom of Britannia Black Watch Infantry Section

Prussian Empire Landwehr Infantry Section

Ottoman Empire Hisar Class Mobile Airfield

Covenant of Antarctica Battle Flotilla

Covenant of Antarctica Support Flotilla

Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Support Group

Covenant of Antarctica Aerial Battle Group

Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Walker Group

Covenant of Antarctica Ground Fortifications

Federated States Battle Flotilla

Federated States Armoured Assault Group

Federated States Support Flotilla

Federated States Aerial Battle Group

Federated States Aerial Robot Group

Federated States Ground Fortifications

Prussian Empire Armoured Assault Group

Hawker Industries Alliance Fleet

Works Raptor Alliance Fleet

Protectorate Deliverers Unit Box

Convergence of Cyriss Warcaster Aurora Numen of Aerogenesis

Convergence of Cyriss Clockwork Angels

Mercenary Boomhowler and Co

Spartan Scenics - Hanger Set

Spartan Scenics - Teleporter Accessories

Spartan Scenics - Mess Hall Accessories

Spartan Scenics - Barricade Accessories

Spartan Scenics - Blast Door Accessories

Spartan Scenics - Medusa Radar Array Set

Spartan Scenics - RX-15 Gauntlet Missile Platform Set

Happy Gaming!

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