Battle Everyone! Angron’s World Eaters Coming To Warhammer 40K

January 30, 2023 by brennon

Games Workshop will be dropping the angriest Daemon Primarch of them all into Warhammer 40,000 over the coming weeks. Pre-orders go live this weekend for the Primarch Of The World Eaters and general Space Marine killing machine, Angron.

Angron Daemon Primarch Of Khorne - Warhammer 40K

Angron, Daemon Primarch Of Khorne // Warhammer 40,000

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Angron smashes into the tabletop like a blazing comet of red fury very soon armed with his life-ending weapons and demonically enhanced strength. This fellow is a literal killing machine and will make mincemeat of pretty much any unit that you put in his way. He isn't too bad at carving up characters too. It helps that he is also insanely hard to kill and can be "reborn in blood" as long as your fellow Khornate warriors have taken enough skulls.

I think they've done a solid job on the sculpt for Angron and he will look suitably imposing when stomping and/or flying around the battlefield. There's something quite freeing in the tactical choice-making that comes with Khorne. "Just run them forward" seems to be the right idea!

An additional hero character comes in the form of Lord Invocatus who can lead the way from atop their Juggernaut mount, Khal’guruth.

Lord Invocatus - Warhammer 40K

Lord Invocatus // Warhammer 40,000

You can also build this miniature as a regular Khorne Lord On Juggernaut if you prefer. Come up with a suitably brutal and bloody name for him and start carving out your own world-ending stories. Who could say no to a chain-horn though, right?

New Bloodthirsty Troops

More miniatures land to support those new characters in the form of the updated Khorne Berserkers. These fellows have been long overdue an updated plastic kit and now they are ready to storm across the battlefield with chainswords and more at the ready.

Khorne Berserkers - Warhammer 40K

Khorne Berserkers // Warhammer 40,000

The unit comes as a set of ten miniatures and they can be armed with a good selection of murder-committing kit. You want to have as many axes as possible in your Khorne army as far as I'm concerned. Swords are cool but axes turn things up to eleven. I like that so much of their "fun" remains in their sculpts with their overly ostentatious helmets and abundance of skulls.

Less powerful but still quite angry, you also have the Jakhals.

Jakhals - Warhammer 40K

Jakhals // Warhammer 40,000

Jakhals are the newest Cultists for Warhammer 40,000. These mortal warriors fight for the glory of Khorne and will be fighting alongside your Khorne Berserkers in the heat of battle. They are ferocious if squishy but they do come with packs on their back that feed Chaos Space Marine blood into their systems. A tiny bit of the power of their overlords has been gifted to them, allowing them to hulk out and smash their foes into the dirt.

As well as the Khorne Berserkers and the Jakhals, there are also the new Exalted Eightbound. These warriors are Chaos Space Marines who have been locked in a big ol' box with daemons and have to fight to achieve a symbiotic relationship with their Warp-fuelled friends.

Exalted Eightbound - Warhammer 40K

Exalted Eightbound // Warhammer 40,000

If the Exalted Eightbound are able to come to an equilibrium with the daemons that have infested their bodies, they are gifted some serious power that enables them to rip and tear through the battlefield. Some of these warriors are able to harness more power from their daemons and go just a little wilder. Just make sure you don't give in entirely or you'll be turned into a Chaos Spawn!

New Books & Accessories

As well as the new miniatures, you're also getting some new books. Leading the way is Codex: World Eaters which gifts you all the new rules for your bloodthirsty warriors.

Codex World Eaters - Warhammer 40K

Codex: World Eaters // Warhammer 40,000

This drops alongside a new Arks Of Omen book. They are coming thick and fast! Arks Of Omen: Angron tells the next chapter of the saga that is engulfing the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Arks Of Omen Angron - Warhammer 40K

Arks Of Omen: Angron // Warhammer 40,000

As well as introducing more stories for Arks Of Omen, the book also comes with more rules for Boarding Actions. That means unique upgrades for Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, World Eaters, Grey Knights, Astra Militarum and Orks. A sign of things to come as we move towards 10th Edition?

Capping things off for the World Eaters and their big weekend, there are also the new Dice and Datacards which can be useful in the heart of the action.

World Eaters Datacards & Dice - Warhammer 40K

World Eaters Datacards & Dice // Warhammer 40,000

Some fancy dice that are covered in plenty of bronze and red. Very Khorne. I wouldn't have expected anything less to be honest.

Additional Warhammer 40,000 Boxed Sets

You can also pick up one of the new Boarding Patrol sets from Games Workshop this weekend. The Space Marine set comes with a Gravis Armour Captain, Heavy Intercessors and a band of Assault Intercessors as well.

Space Marine Boarding Patrol - Warhammer 40K 23

Space Marine Boarding Patrol // Warhammer 40,000

You can also dive in and pick up the new Balefleet Battlefleet which was previewed a few weeks ago. Can't escape Chaos here!

Balefleet Battleforce - Warhammer 40K 23

Balefleet Battleforce // Warhammer 40,000

It doesn't come with Vashtorr but it does come with a bunch of demonically enhanced Space Marines and machines. It does feature the new Daemon Prince which is pretty awesome although I'm not sure how many people are going to be picking this up to "get started". I think this is probably going to be used to bolster an existing force.

Could you be tempted by the new World Eaters miniatures?

"Angron smashes into the tabletop like a blazing comet of red fury very soon..."

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