Forge World Arm Necromunda’s Goliath Gang

March 29, 2018 by dracs

Warhammer Community has just previewed a new set of weapon options Forge World are preparing for Necromunda's Goliath Gang.

Goliath Weapon Options 2

Goliath Weapon Options

This new set provides the Goliaths with a whole armoury's worth of brutal new weapons, ranging from side arms to massive hammers!

Goliath Weapons

Goliath Weapons

Having these new weapons available lets you bring a bit of variety to your crews, kitting them out to reflect your own preferred style of gameplay.

I think that as accessories go these look superb, and serve to enhance the brutal look of the Goliath Gang.

Do you plan to pick up a set when they get released?

"A whole armoury's worth of brutal new weapons..."

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