Mighty Necron C’tan & Monoliths Coming To Warhammer 40K

October 12, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has more for budding Space Marine and Necron wargamers in Warhammer 40,000 this week as pre-orders go live for new miniatures and terrain to suit both forces. We begin with the Necrons and this impressive C'tan Shard Of The Void Dragon.

Ctan Shard Of The Void Dragon - Warhammer 40K

C'tan Shard Of The Void Dragon // Warhammer 40K

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This is one of the biggest C'tan Shards that the team have made (bigger is better?) and it certainly looks like it could end up being the centrepiece of many an army. The Void Dragon is a seriously powerful C'tan and has the ability to dominate war engines on the tabletop and perhaps even "unmake" them. It can even take the shattered remains of the vehicles it destroys and use it to make itself whole again.

I have always quite liked the background and lore to the Necrons and so seeing more elements of the C'tan within their force is neat. It certainly takes things to the next level in terms of sculpting, especially when you consider the older miniatures in the range!

In addition to the C'tan Shard Of The Void Dragon, you've also got the chance to introduce some murderous destroyers into the mix. Here we have the Ophydian Destroyers who in older editions of the game would have been your Wraiths.

Ophydian Destroyers - Warhammer 40K

Ophydian Destroyers // Warhammer 40K

Much like their older kin, the Ophydian Destroyers are able to phase in and out of reality and find their way behind enemy lines. There they will be cutting your infantry into little tiny pieces with their energised blades and creeping claws.

Monolithic Necron Options

Talking about phasing in and out of reality, we also have the new Monolith for your 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Necrons. Again, this is quite an update over the previous vehicle.

Monolith - Warhammer 40K

Monolith // Warhammer 40K

Armed with an array of powerful cannons the Monolith can hold its own against pretty much anything on the tabletop. It can also help you get your units to where you need them, teleporting core troops around the battlefield and unleashing them on your enemies where they least expect it.

I like the updates to the look of the Monolith in particular. Gone is the clean-cut look of the past and instead you get the feeling that this is an ancient piece of technology which has been summoned from a dark vault. There is much more action in the piece too and you get what it does from simply looking at it. The Necron stepping out of that crackling energy field is most impressive.

As well as the Monolith, the Necrons can also call on the power of their Convergence Of Dominion array too.

Convergence Of Dominion - Warhammer 40K

Convergence Of Dominion // Warhammer 40K

These structures, known as Starsteles, are a way for you to establish control over the battlefield in an instant. You can place these in a way to make sure that wherever your Necron units are, they will benefit from their Noble Lord's guidance. Crypteks can move these across the battlefield as you see fit and make sure that your Necrons keep on fighting underneath their watchful eyes.

Space Marine Masters Of The Forge

In addition to what's available to the Necrons, we're also seeing some new miniatures for the Primaris Space Marines too. Here we have the new Primaris Techmarine who has returned from his time on Mars to bring binary words of wisdom to his Battle Brothers.

Primaris Techmarine - Warhammer 40K

Primaris Techmarine // Warhammer 40K

Effectively a walking weapons platform, the Techmarine is armed with a brutal power axe, a shoulder-mounted forge bolter and can hold his own in the midst of the fighting. He is also able to lend his support to vehicles in battle and keep them running even in the face of the biggest guns.

One of the battlefield elements that he might want to turn his talents towards is the new Hammerfall Bunker which is also available this weekend.

Hammerfall Bunker - Warhammer 40K

Hammerfall Bunker // Warhammer 40K

The idea is that you drop this onto an objective and it should mean that no-one will be able to claim it back from you. It can either be armed with heavy bolters or heavy flamers for when the enemy gets too close and of course the missile on the top for pounding ground units or engaging something attacking you from the skies.

I'm still not entirely sure what I make of this. It's very StarCraft! It certainly feels like something that you'd imagine the Space Marines dropping onto the battlefield and I get some Dawn Of War vibes from it too. Whether or not I would have considered it as something to buy for an army, I don't know.

Waaaaagh! Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

If the battles on the ground aren't really your thing then you can also check out a new option for the Orks of Aeronautica Imperialis too. This is the Ork Mega Bommer.

Ork Mega Bommer - Aeronautica Imperialis

Ork Mega Bommer // Aeronautica Imperialis

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Armed with a massive array of weapons, this is the pinnacle of Ork engineering. I'm not sure if that instils me with confidence or worry. This massive plane also comes with a nuke strapped to the bottom which I'm sure no-one wants to deal with.

Are you going to be picking up these new options for the grimdark future?

"Are you going to be picking up these new options for the grimdark future?"

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