Total War: Warhammer Revealed In New Epic Trailer [Updated]

April 22, 2015 by brennon

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The brand spanking new trailer for Total War: Warhammer is out! Check it out above and then when you've recovered from the awesomeness let us know what you think of it below....

Total War Warhammer

It looks as if we're going to be winding back the clock when it comes to the timeline of Total War: Warhammer and delving into the eternal conflicts of the Old World once more instead of The End Times. Karl Franz makes an appearance atop Deathclaw and the stalwart Dwarfs even got a look in firing some battle-ready cannons.

Update: Below are a few more details on the game from Creative Assembly...


Is it going to be set Pre-End Times?

Yes it is set before the End Times.

Will all of the races be given their own faction? If they are will they be released at once or through successive content packs and expansions?

In Total War: WARHAMMER you’ll have four races to choose from, Greenskins, The Empire, Dwarfs and Vampire Counts. Each race has a legendary lord character, who is the leader of a faction within your chosen race. We’re planning full game follow-ups, DLC content packs and Free-LC to follow the main release.

You mentioned there will be a trilogy of games - does this mean we're going to see a storyline/narrative develop within the 'Grand Campaign' of Total War: Warhammer?

Future installments of the trilogy will expand the world-map, bringing unique new terrain and introducing new playable Lords and their races. We’re planning these to be massive standalone follow-ups to the main game (like ATTILA to ROME II).

Is the game going to be based within the Rome II engine or will it be revamped with the addition of so many Fantasy elements like Dragons & Magic?

Each Total War title is built on the next iteration of our TW Engine series, pushing for the latest in technical and visual enhancements, and Total War: WARHAMMER is no exception.

Heroes are a major part of the Warhammer world. How are they factoring into the overall experience?

There will be a number of legendary Lords from the Warhammer world available to play as in the game.

These will act as both your leader and the principle general of one of your many armies, though they work somewhat differently to previous Total War games. First of all, these are Lords of near-mythical power, and make a tremendous impact on the battlefield. They’ll also be able to undertake multi-stage quests which lead to epic set-piece battles, the outcome of which may bestow them with legendary items, armour or weapons

Orc Face

Creative Assembly Talk...

"Our rules have changed, and with change comes war on a scale as yet unimagined.

Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power take their place on the battlefield, alongside thousands of warriors clashing in real-time tactical battles. All at YOUR command.

In the turn-based campaign game of statecraft & empire building, you will find the Old World an unforgiving and treacherous place, filled with endless war and cunning alliances alike. Whichever race you choose to play as and however you seek conquest, you will be faced with a conflict that threatens to tear the very fabric of reality asunder."

It was interesting to note the "Our Rules Have Changed" part of the trailer which could be a nod towards the Lord of Change or indeed a tweak in the way gameplay works for a Total War game since it now has so many fantasy elements. Maybe it's even a little snigger towards how often Games Workshop change the rules!

More On The Project...

"The first in an epic trilogy of titles, Total War: WARHAMMER will deliver hundreds of hours of absorbing gameplay. It will combine with two further standalone installments and additional content packs to create the single largest Total War experience ever.

“We’ve always loved the Warhammer universe, and couldn’t wait to approach it with the same colossal scale and authenticity that has characterised our titles for the last 15 years,” said Total War: WARHAMMER Project Lead, Ian Roxburgh. “We’re bringing it to life in a way that nobody’s attempted before.”"

I think I just got a little too excited! Hopefully we'll see some really cool in-game footage sooner or later too.

Warhammer Fantasy lives on!

"It looks as if we're going to be winding back the clock when it comes to the timeline of Total War: Warhammer..."

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