Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Strikes From The Heavens

July 4, 2015 by brennon

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Games Workshop have now dropped the hammer. Coming next week will be a whole host of Age of Sigmar models, terrain, books and more. We start things off though with the Age of Sigmar Box alongside some hobby supplies like the Stormcast Eternal and Khorne Bloodbound Figure Cases...

Age of Sigmar Starter Set

Age of Sigmar

The first big piece thing to drop is of course the boxed set itself, Age of Sigmar. It comes with two sides. On one hand you have the forces of Sigmar, the Stormcast Eternals. These warriors are valiant beacons of light that are sent from on high to do battle with the forces of Chaos.



Khorne Lord


On the other hand you have the Khorne Bloodbound who are as deadly and berserk as they sound. Basically this is a good old fashioned stomping session between good and evil. While I'm still a big fan of the Sigmarites I think the Chaos models are a little bit more lacklustre. I'm sure I will change my mind when I open up the box.

Keeping Them Safe

To keep your models safe Games Workshop have done what they did with The Hobbit and come up with both a Stormcast Eternal and Khorne Bloodbound version of their figure cases.

Figure Case #1

Figure Case #2

These aren't too bad at all and with the new foam from Games Workshop (the stuff in their other figure cases) you could actually see these being a useful buy for some people.

Painting The Horde

With all those models you're going to need some paint. Not only have they put together a new spray for the golden army of the Stormcast Eternals; Retributor Armour Spray, they have some additional paints including Retributor Armour, Liberator Gold and Flayed One Flesh.

Painting Guide

I still use a lot of the Citadel paints myself and while my range is limited I still find them pretty good. There are better paints out there of course but its nice to have new options.

The Story Unfolds

As well as all the miniatures there is a new book. Gates of Azyr focuses on the main battle that you see played out in the boxed game above and gives you an quick peek into the world itself. Of course, the big background dump will be from the boxed games book but its nice to have some more narrative for this new world.

The Gates of Azyr

I might have to pick this up too as I do like reading about the background of Warhammer.

The Rules!

Of course there are also the rules to consider. You can not only grab the Download but also get it in the new White Dwarf PLUS all the Compendiums for your existing armies HERE.

The Rules Download

I don't mind the new rules; I'm looking forward to what they do with the rest of the armies. The Dwarfs have got some interesting new options and rules (no Rune Crafting though!) There are even some 'funny' rules in there which is quite a surprise.

What do you think so far?

"Basically this is a good old fashioned stomping session between good and evil..."

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