Add To Dusk House Kallyss Armies With New Warmachine Expansion

November 1, 2023 by brennon

If you've been diving into Warmachine recently then you might have chosen Dusk House Kallyss as your faction of choice. If that's the case and you want to add more dark and eldritch 35mm Fantasy miniatures into the mix, you can now order the Dusk House Kallyss Army Expansion from Privateer Press.

Dusk House Kallyss Army Expansion - Warmachine

Dusk House Kallyss Army Expansion // Warmachine

This set allows you to build on your Core Army Starter and field forces that range from seventy-five points through to 100 points. If you do want to go to 100 point games then you'll need three Warjacks in your force so make sure to do some tinkering if you'd like to hit that higher target.

A couple of new characters are included in the set, allowing you to take your tactics in a different direction. For example, here is the mighty Tyrus, Nis-Arsyr Of Spiders.

Tyrus Nis-Arsyr Of Spiders - Warmachine

Tyrus, Nis-Arsyr Of Spiders // Warmachine

I love those mega shoulder pads it's neat seeing how Privateer Press have changed up the aesthetic of their "Elves" in Warmachine to give them this somewhat twisted vibe. It makes them deliciously appealing anti-heroes!

There is also another character in the form of Dyssiss, The Eye Of Darkness who looks like she is ready to torch everything in her way.

Dyssiss The Eye Of Darkness - Warmachine

Dyssiss, The Eye Of Darkness // Warmachine

The floating pose really nails the idea of power and I love the passive mask. It heightens the "evil" vibes and should look epic on the tabletop as her warriors mass around her and charge forward. This really focuses in on the arcane capabilities that you can benefit from with Dusk House Kallyss whilst also offering up some hard-hitting new troops.

Those troops come in the form of the new Dreadguard and their excellent cavalry miniatures. These scream 80s and 90s cartoon awesomeness and I really love the mounts.

Dreadguard Cavalry - Warmachine NOV

Dreadguard Cavalry // Warmachine

Looking equally awesome and drawing on the idea that Elves are pretty darn good at archery, you can also play around with the Dreadguard Archers.

Dreadguard Archers - Warmachine

Dreadguard Archers // Warmachine

Again, great armour and weapon design and you could see each of these Archers being a badass in their own right. I also like that the bows look like they could do plenty of damage in melee combat, slicing and dicing as well as firing those tipped arrows that look suitably explosive.

If you're looking to dominate in close combat then how about adding the Soulless Blademasters into the mix?

Soulless Blademasters - Warmachine

Soulless Blademasters // Warmachine

As the name suggests, they are no slouch in close combat and might be good attendants to your characters, keeping the riff raff away. You could also bolt on the Dreadguard Scyir if you wanted to buff your units that little bit more.

Dreadguard Scyir - Warmachine

Dreadguard Scyir // Warmachine

I really like the look of Dusk House Kallyss and I never thought I'd be saying that considering I've previously been a stalwart follower of Khador. I think there's something pretty cool about the way that Privateer Press have reworked and updated their pointy ears and I think they could be a lot of fun to paint. Plenty of purple I think!

Will you be picking up this new Army Expansion for Dusk House Kallyss?

"I think there's something pretty cool about the way that Privateer Press have reworked and updated their pointy ears..."

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