Unboxing: Partisan Resistance Cell + Jedburgh Team – 02 Hundred Hours | Grey For Now Games

May 1, 2023 by avernos

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Gerry checks out the Partisan expansion for Grey For Now Games fantastic game 02 Hundred Hours tabletop skirmishes of sabotage and night raids in World War II. A courageous group of Partisan fighters and their Allied Jedburgh support.


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This set expands the core game with 40 new cards and new models to help prepare the way for the liberation of Europe and throw a spanner in the works of the German War machine. This expansion adds Plan cards to the game, allowing the Partisan player to choose special tricks and stratagems before the battle starts - cut the phone lines, receive coded messages or even place sausages to distract the guard dogs!

Are you going to be giving this a go?

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