Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint A Bloodthirster Part One

March 5, 2015 by brennon

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Games Workshop have chained Duncan Rhodes to a desk once more to get him to tell you how he paints up his Bloodthirster for Warhammer End Times: Archaon games! This is the first part where he gets all the basic details sorted across the miniature...

BT1 Base Coat

BT1 Shade

BT1 Glaze

BT1 Highlight

BT1 Drybrush

I reckon he's made him look pretty stunning already and he's only been working on the skin. As I mentioned in another post about the new Khorne releases I think that Games Workshop have got a good thing going here. I've loved everything that's come out for the Chaos hordes so far!

Painting The Bloodthirster

What do you think of the work so far?

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