Conquer The Napoleonic World In PHALANX’s Coalitions

June 23, 2021 by brennon

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PHALANX Games' Coalitions is now live on Kickstarter and the team are looking to introduce you to a whole new strategic experience on the tabletop. This grand Napoleonic board game is funded and looking to unlock more as the campaign progresses.

Coalitions Cover - PHALANX

Coalitions Kickstarter // PHALANX

Coalitions is an interesting one game that plays from one-to-six players and puts you deep into the struggles of the Napoleonic powers. If you're interested in learning about the gameplay aspects of Coalitions when you can watch out Let's Play of the game below!

Let's Play: Coalitions | PHALANX Games

Plus, you can also download their Alpha Rulebook and check out a demo for Coalitions over on Tabletopia too. The game seems like a lot of fun if you're into a bit of tactical decision making and forward planning. It also comes with solo and cooperative modes for those who want to work together.

Coalitiions Overview - PHALANX

Coalitions Overview // PHALANX

The core game comes with meeples (woot!) which represent the different factions but if you go all in and look to the deluxe set, you'll get some miniatures! Those do look very cool and the folks at PHALANX often put together these nice extras to upgrade their games.

You can also snap up the Ancien Regime expansion for free when you pledge which takes you back to a slightly earlier time period. It will be neat to see how much that changes the shape of the game and the decisions that you make.

Are you going to be taking a peek at Coalitions?

"...the folks at PHALANX often put together these nice extras to upgrade their games"

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