Evolution: New World Returns For Anniversary Edition

February 4, 2022 by fcostin

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Board Games are partly responsible for my love and education of animals! One game in particular that I adored in my teenage years, exploring biology was a title from Rightgames RBG SIA with Evolution: New World.

Players take the role of Mother Nature herself, controlling the evolution of particular animals to ensure they survive and flourish in their upcoming environment. Through hand management of your cards, players will guide species through their livelihood by adding traits and keeping them alive in a journey through evolution.

Evolution: New World - Trailer // CrowD Games

To my delight, Evolution: New World is up on Kickstarter from CrowD Games with a fancy new Anniversary Edition. Adding and upgrading so much from the original title, the game has been updated to be played by a new era of board gamers.

There have been a few changes to the title, however not fundamental ones. The Kickstarter Campaign adds an updated and extended version of the classic. With a new lease of life to artwork, stunning new cards and a streamlined game able to be played solo.

Evolution New World - Box & Art

Evolution: New World // Box & Art

2-4 players will start the game with six different cards in their hand, all of which contain an animal with two different traits. Players will be adding new traits to their chosen species, whether it be Carnivorous, Camoflague or Sharp Vision - it is down to the player to develop their animal in hopes for them to survive and flourish in an evolved environment. Poorly constructed animals may face extinction, and even fall prey to predatory animals lurking in the opponent's hands.

Evolution New World - Card Preview

Card Preview // Evolution: New World

Traits are not the only part of the game that needs to be kept an eye on, players must ensure their animals are fed well too. Balancing extinction, and calculating the chance of survival, players by the end of the game will earn points for the animals they managed to keep alive throughout the process, adding points for each successful trait. Whoever has the most points is crowned the winner.

The campaign was funded in the first four hours of going live on Kickstarter. The campaign has 21 days left on the clock. Although the main game will be headed to retail, the campaign adds a chance for players to get hold of two new expansions and a ton of stretch goals. Including new cards to add to your gameplay and various other random additions such as stickers and a fancy little pin. So for your chance to get hold of some expansions for a classic that you cannot get at an FLGS - be sure to check out the campaign for Evolution: New World.

Did you ever play the original Evolution: New World? 

"Adding and upgrading so much from the original title, the game has been updated to be played by a new era of board gamers..."

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