Lucky Duck’s Time Of Legends: Destinies Launches On Kickstarter

September 25, 2019 by brennon

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Lucky Duck Games and Mythic Games have now launched their Kickstarter campaign for Time Of Legends: Destinies and (surprise, surprise) it was funded pretty much right away. You can now dive in and get involved with this new app-assisted game set within the world of Joan Of Arc.

Time Of Legends Destinies - Mythic & Lucky Duck

This game has you taking on the role of plucky but unknowing heroes who will find themselves embroiled in a tale which will eventually see them rise to have an impact on a Dark Fantasy story which combines elements of Medieval history and twisted folklore and myth.

All of this is done through a combination of physical board game components allowing you to move around the tabletop and an app which uses Lucky Duck's Scan & Play technology to scan components and deliver the narrative to you, posing you questions and choices which will have consequences as your tale unfolds.

Another of the interesting aspects of this game worth delving into is that the campaign isn't cooperative. This is a competitive game where you're looking to be the one who sees your character's destiny fulfilled.

The Core Of The Game

Here is the core of what you get in the box...

Time Of Legends Destinies Box - Mythic & Lucky Duck

If you'd like to learn more about the game we were able to sit down with Leo and Az from Mythic Games last weekend and go through everything you need to know about the game.

The game sounds pretty fascinating and boasts not only some wonderful artwork and storytelling from Lucky Duck Games but also the fantastic miniatures that you've come to expect from Mythic Games, adding another dimension to the gaming experience.

Pledges & Expansions

One of the larger pledge options for the game introduces some additional elements into the mix and lets us take a peek at some expansion content they already have planned for the game.

Time Of Legends Destinies King Pledge - Mythic & Lucky Duck

So, as you can see this pledge offers up not just the base game but also the Myth & Folklore expansion for the game which introduces more twisting storylines and the Sea & Sand expansion which takes you away from Europe to North Africa where you will face all sorts of new challenges.

There is a lot more to get your head around from this Kickstarter with all sorts of community-based content being worked into the mix for the campaign. Plus, if you're interested in reading over the rules before you dive in the team have already made a Rulebook available for you to download.

Make sure you give the rules a look before you make your mind up!

"...if you're interested in reading over the rules before you dive in the team have already made a Rulebook available for you to download"

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