Mythic Games’ Reichbusters: Projekt Vril Now Available On Kickstarter

November 21, 2018 by brennon

Mythic Games has now taken to Kickstarter with Reichbusters: Projekt Vril. This game of Weird World War Axis bashing is one that we've had a lot of fun with and you can check out our Let's Play above.

Reichbusters Main Image - Mythic Games

The game has you playing as a team of Allied heroes, taken from Britain, America, France, Russia and such sneaking into Nazi facilities in hopes of disrupting their Vril research and killing plenty of them along the way.

Reichbusters Heroic Pledge - Mythic Games

Gameplay has each of your characters fighting through the facility, trying to be stealthy at first before exploding into a full-on run-and-gun shooterthon where there are explosions going off everywhere and Warren becomes a very happy bunny indeed.

Mythic's campaign this time around is a little smaller in scope with a focus on just the single boxed game however as you might imagine there are plenty of Expansions...

Reichbusters All In Pledge - Mythic Games

...and Stretch Goals for you to explore as well. I like that many of their Stretch Goals are focused towards providing alternative sculpts for some of the enemies within the box which helps to shake up the look of the game and we're also seeing some new heroes too.

Reichbusters Stretch Goals - Mythic Games

The real sticking point is that the game is another one of those that deliver a lot of plastic miniatures onto the tabletop for hobbyists to stare at as they realise they're never going to paint all of them. Thankfully, the gameplay makes this prospect not so daunting as I reckon I'd be happy to play Reichbusters even without putting paint to miniature.

There's enough about the gameplay to win over and gamers I reckon with the tense stealth sections and cooperative spirit being the thing that ties this game together. One of the aspects of the mechanics that really won me over is that it encourages you to spend and use the resources at your command; spending cards and getting lots out of your turn. Even when you're just supporting a friend it feels like you've DONE something to help the overall effort.

The fact that heroes feel powerful is great and when combined with the sudden rush of enemies threatening to overwhelm you, you have a great back and forth between the heroes and their Nazi foes.

Are you going to be checking out Reichbusters?

"Even when you're just supporting a friend it feels like you've DONE something to help the overall effort..."

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