Ninjas Sneak Into Wave Twenty Six For Bushido

October 14, 2015 by brennon

GCT Studios are already looking towards the next wave for Bushido. Ninjas are prevalent in this latest preview with both Ghost and Rin sneaking through castles and taking out warlords with little more than a squeak...

Stealthy Assassination

Both Ghost and Rin are looking awesome and work for the Shadow Wind Clan. While not part of the group that strikes in Rise of the Kage they are part of the same clan.


"From where he came from and who he is a mystery to all in the Kage Kaze Zoku save for the grand master. He never speaks and is never seen without his mask, it seems to the rest of his fellow shadow crows that he neither has need to eat nor sleep, spending most of his time on the training fields.

None would ever consider questioning his place amongst them though. The word of the grand master is unquestioned and beside that fact the man fights like a demon."


"Rin is swift as she is deadly. Her ability to combine speed whilst remaining as quiet as a mouse with ferocious fighting skills makes her a real asset to the clan. Her twin katana blaze with the fury of her House and leave a trail of dead in her wake.

Her lust for battle is matched only by that of Katsumi, also of the Bleeding Moon."

Rise Of The Kage

As well as these Ninja the folks at Tico's Minis have painted up the Rise of the Kage models, all of which are plastic. The Daimyo's forces have been the focus of their attention...

Rise Of The Kage Miniatures

That is quite a lot of miniatures all of which are looking stunning. The amount of detail in this set of miniatures is great and the overall production quality of the game seems top notch.

What do you think?

"Both Ghost and Rin are looking awesome and work for the Shadow Wind Clan..."

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