Oni Games Teams Up With Renegade For Birdwatcher Release

March 24, 2022 by fcostin

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Birdwatcher was something I kept my eye on over on Kickstarter last October from Oni Games. Players would be challenged to settle into their natural Billy Oddy stance to take some stunning photos of birds of paradise.

Happy to see, the title has been a success on Kickstarter and we are now approaching more information on the release of the title heading over to retail. Oni Press is collaborating with Renegade Game Studios, bringing Birdwatcher to a pre-order period gearing up for a release later this year.

Birdwatcher - Renegade Game Studios

Birdwatcher // Renegade Game Studios & Oni Games

The title will place 1-5 players into the role of ambitious wildlife photographers, hoping to get a cheeky snap of some birds of paradise out in their own natural habitat. This will require hard work and dedication from the explorer, luring, taking a photo, and making sure the content is there and published for the world to see.

Card Preview - Birdwatcher

Card Preview // Birdwatcher

Players will gain citation points as they successfully publish, and whichever player has done the best job at raking in their findings will be crowned the winner. Thus being awarded the title: Global Geographic Photographer of the Year.

Although the game is competitive, it does support solo play too! So if you do want a relaxing solo playthrough progressing in a career in wildlife photography, I can imagine the experience will be engaging. Plus, playing solo in my opinion is always the best way to practice before squishing others at the game!

Card Spread - Biredwatcher

Card Spread // Birdwatcher

If you originally backed the game over on Kickstarter, the campaign shows to be fulfilling their orders in October this year. However, if you are looking to buy this one at retail, you'll have to wait until November before seeing this one out on the table.

The game takes roughly 25-60 minutes to play through - depending on how many competing journalists there are, as layers manage their hand of beautiful birds to rake home the prestigious award.

What do you think of Birdwatcher? 

"Although the game is competitive, it does support solo play too! "

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