Out-Of-Print Venetian Spy Deduction Title Inkognito Returns

September 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Ares Games are reviving a board game title that has been out of print for some time now, resurrecting Inkognito to a fresh audience. To celebrate the 100th birthday of Alex Randolph, co-designer of the original title. In a resurrection of the challenging deduction game set in the romantic age in the midst of a Venician carnival.

Inkognito - Ares Games

Inkognito // Ares Games

Heading to retail before the close of the year, the title will be getting a fresh reprint and 2nd edition of the Ares version of the game, released in 2013. Which places 3-5 players in the roles of spies in Venice attempting to find their ally.

Masked up, and disguised to the nines players will be undergoing secret missions shrouded in the ability to be unrecognisable to those around them - this includes the other players and finding somebody who does not want to be found.

Inkognito Preview - Ares Games

Inkognito Preview // Ares Games

Each player is provided with a secret goal, keeping their identities close to their chest taking the partnered roles of Lord Fiddlebottom and Colonel Bubble, Agent X and Madame Zsa Zsa. Everybody is unknown of one anothers' identity, players will be hoping to uncover the secret mission as a duo, searching for their secretive partner. With the role of the Ambassador also hovering across the board, as everybody's favourite person for gossip - they are keen to collect knowledge choosing to manipulate additional information, with no allies other than themselves.

Primarily, working out the identity of the partner is top priority, as they hold the other half to the code which will uncover their secret mission. Heading across the map, finding clues and asking questions to find the identity of the ally hidden in the midst of the city. The movement is determined by a unique shaker which shows randomly generated colours to determine where each spy can move.

Shaker And Components - Inkognito

Shaker And Components // Inkognito

Players will aim to deduce information to logically conclude who their buddy is, and head on complete their mission and win the game. Taking roughly 90 minutes to play through one session of five players, spies and all!

The new edition was showcased at Gen Con this year, for those lucky attendees who got cheeky early access to the title. However, the game is landing in retail before the close of the year, with more information at SPIEL '22 next month.

Think you would be able to stay bluff your way to success in Inkognito?

"The movement is determined by a unique shaker which shows randomly generated colours to determine where each spy can move..."

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