PHALANX Shape The Roman Empire Next Year With TRIUMPH

December 12, 2023 by brennon

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PHALANX Games are going to be coming to Kickstarter next year with a new board game about reshaping the Roman Empire and Rome itself as you strive to become the first Emperor. Will you be checking out TRIUMPH?



Diving into TRIUMPH, you'll be using a deck of cards that represent your family's high-ranking figures. You'll then bid to secure different positions of strength like the consuls, praetors and censors. This then allows you to get your hands on gold to fund your campaign, govern provinces and lead military campaigns. You can also use your position to control Rome itself!


TRIUMPH Preview // PHALANX Games

Whilst you'll want to push home your advantage, you can't do this without some form of cooperation. With that in mind, you'll need to make temporary alliances that will allow you to cut out your rivals and defeat Rome's enemies. However, all of your opponents are looking to do the same so you'll need to employ some backstabbing and intrigue if you're going to come out on top. In the end, only one person can be Emperor!

The Roman Empire seems like a perfect place to situate a game like this. As with everything from PHALANX, the art and design for the game is top-notch, even from this little sneak peek at the board. I am intrigued to see what pops up in the future concerning gameplay!

Will you be checking this out on Kickstarter next year?

"In the end, only one person can be Emperor!"

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