Pledge Manager Open For Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood

December 18, 2019 by brennon

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Shadowborne Games has now opened up the Pledge Manager for you to get involved and pick up Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood which was on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Oathsworn Pledge #1 - Shadowborne Games

You are able to pledge for three different versions of the game. You can either get the Base Game (With Standees) or you can snap up the Core Pledge which comes with the miniatures and expansion content. There is also the All-In Pledge with all sorts of extra goodies that you can learn more about HERE.

If you're interested in diving in and finding out more about this game before you dive in and pledge then you can check out two of our Let's Play videos which I've added down below...

The game is incredibly deep and very ambitious and it will be fascinating to see how it all comes together in the final product. I know we had a lot of fun with it and it will be cool to see just what people make of the released game which looks to feature months and months of content.

Will you be diving in?

"The game is incredibly deep and very ambitious..."

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