PSC Games’ Britannia Kickstarter Ending Soon

July 31, 2019 by brennon

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The classic Britannia from Lewis Pulsipher ended up back on Kickstarter thanks to PSC Games and the campaign is now closing in on the final hours of fundraising. So, if you missed out on it you'll want to dive in quickly.

Britannia - PSC Games

The game comes with options for play in both its classic format and the new duel edition. In the classic mode, you bring three-to-four players to the tabletop to fight out the bloody struggle for control of Britain during the time of the Roman Conquest all the way through to the eventual invasion and occupation by the Normans in 1066.

In the duel edition of the game, the rules have been tweaked to work for two players getting stuck into this epic conflict that spanned the centuries. The game is faster paced and suited to the two-player format in those cases.

Britannia Box - PSC Games

The game features a whole host of new plastic figures which represent not just the soldiers of the period but also characters too. You'll encounter well-known names from history including Boudicca, Arthur, Offa and many more as you fight through the game's timeline. The crew at PSC Games have unlocked lots of extras as well as the campaign has gone on, giving you ways to enhance your experience.

Britannia Stretch Goals - PSC Games

So, as well as some specific hero miniatures to represent a range of characters throughout history you've also got upgrades to the various components as well. This seems like a great idea as it doesn't throw too much at backers beyond the base game and allows you to simply enjoy that one-box experience.

We actually got to talk to PSC Games about Britannia at UK Games Expo this year...

So, if this is looking like the game for you, make sure to dive in on the Kickstarter and get backing before time runs out.

Have you gone in on Britannia?

"Have you gone in on Britannia?"

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