Rivet Wars Returns With A Reloaded Revival On Kickstarter

September 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Rivet Wars has returned, with a good amount of updates and teases over the last few weeks from Steamforged Games. Players are now provided with a mahoosive campaign, packed with goodies and additional features to celebrate the resurrection of the alternative WW1 history miniatures board game, that's been spiced up with some dieselpunk fantasy.

Rivet Wars Reloaded Kickstarter Image - Steamforged Games

Rivet Wars: Reloaded Kickstarter // Steamforged Games

Rivet Wars: Reloaded has now entered the crowdfunding arena, bringing the likes of a new faction, updated game, components and art style, and a new modern place to hop in. 1-4 players will be heading out to the battlefield in a tactical setup, controlling units on the table and being one step ahead of opponents' strategy and battle output.

Rivet Wars: Reloaded - Launching September 6 // Steamforged Games

Deploying weird and wonderful units for land and air, and deal copious amounts of damage with special weaponry and upgrades the further you progress. Over a 25-60 minute game, players are going to need to be equipped for long-term planning, adapting to each method of attack to meet objectives and rake in victory points.

Taking on sides within the world of Rivet. Players are teleported into an industrialised alternate reality within the First World War. The world is wildly unique that favours the way of the machine. Giving players access to epic mechanical weaponry; with players at each commanding a side for success.

Core Box Preview - Rivet Wars Reloaded

Core Box Preview // Rivet Wars: Reloaded

There are three different ways that the game can be played. Whether you want to go at the hard attack in competitive, work together in arms with cooperative, or lone wolf the battlefield in solo mode.

In the core box, players will find the original factions, the Allies and the Blight making a triumphant return, with their enhanced game miniatures and cards, with a few models still to be showcased.

Nemoans Preview - Rivet Wars Reloaded

Nemoans Faction Preview // Rivet Wars: Reloaded

There is a ton of exclusive content available on the Kickstarter campaign, which will not be available at retail. Considering the usual discount that crowdfunding brings when you pitch in early, plus an exclusive Viking - Gunnar Hammerson - to all pledges. There is the addition of a new faction called the Nemoans, which is only available as part of the All-In Pledge and upwards. Component and terrain upgrade packs have been added as part of the Deluxe pledge too. Steamforged is adding more unlocks by the day for some cross-faction cards to use on both sides.

There are several different pledges you can buy into if you are new to the game, starting with the core pledge at £130 which includes the new Core Box and Vanguard Expansion alongside unlocked goods. All the way up to a Deluxe pledge, which includes the whole haul of expansions new and old, terrain, upgrades, unlocks and truly everything to kit you out for £388.

Gunnar Hammerson Free Exclusive - Rivet Wars Reloaded

Gunnar Hammerson Free Exclusive // Rivet Wars: Reloaded

There is a Veteran Pledge for £121 if you have your old copy and want to continue the adventure, with a Veterans Upgrade box, catching up with the new content including the exclusive faction, the Nemoans.

Rivet Wars Reloaded - Steamforged

Rivet Wars: Reloaded // Steamforged Games

Rivet Wars: Reloaded's campaign is relatively short, currently it's surpassed 300% funded. If you wanted a deeper dive into the rules, they are free to download on the campaign page to read over. With 8 days left on the clock and fulfilment set for February 2024, there's still a long way to go but the revival has only just begun.

Are you interested in returning to Rivet Wars?

"There is a ton of exclusive content available on the Kickstarter campaign, which will not be available at retail..."

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