Lead Rome To Greatness On 30th January In PHALANX’s Triumph!

January 17, 2024 by brennon

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PHALANX are closing in on their Kickstarter for Triumph, a new board game of dominance, intrigue and subtle cooperation set against the backdrop of the Roman empire and the fight for power.

Triumph - PHALANX

Triumph // PHALANX

Triumph will be coming to Kickstarter on 30th January as a two-to-five-player bidding game that offers multiple paths to victory. The competitive elements are strong, of course, as you strive for power but there is also a semi-cooperative element to Triumph in that if you don't work together at key moments, everyone can lose. The unique invader mechanic is going to be one that you'll have to master if you want to come out on top!

Triumph Cards - PHALANX

Triumph - Cards // PHALANX

You will be focused on making sure that your noble family is the one that rises to victory, using your "allies" as a springboard for you to reach your glorious potential. Portions of gameplay revolve around your deck of cards representing some of your family's famous figures. You'll be looking to put them in places of power as consuls, praetors and censors that will in turn give you clients, gold and legions that you can use to govern provinces.

Triumph Building Tiles - PHALANX

Triumph - Building Tiles // PHALANX

This will in turn give you control of key sites within Rome itself and if you manage to gain enough prestige by the end of the game, you could become the first Emperor Of Rome. Forget Game Of Thrones, or the backstabbing of the War Of The Roses, the political sabotage and backstabbing of Ancient Rome is where it's at.

Triumph Territories - PHALANX

Triumph - Territories // PHALANX

Of course, you have to balance all of this on the edge of a knife. You might be the one in control of the most regions with the military to back you up but that ultimately makes you responsible if things go wrong! Maybe it's good to let your "friends" and companions do a little bit of the hard work before you dive in and take the credit.

I really like games like this where there is a core set of Euro-style mechanics backing up a game of back-and-forth negotiation at the tabletop. These games tend to be for particular groups though so make sure everyone's ready to dive in and have some fun!

As always with PHALANX's games, the production quality looks amazing and this is still an early look at the game. I love their graphic and component design that all feels like it fits a period or theme. I think this is going to be a lovely, luxurious board game!

Will you be checking out Triumph on Kickstarter?

Component Images by via BoardGameGeek Michel Sorbet

"Maybe it's good to let your "friends" and companions do a little bit of the hard work before you dive in and take the credit..."

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