You Can Now Snap Up NOLI, River Horse’s New Board Game!

November 23, 2022 by brennon

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NOLI, the new board game from River Horse is now available for you to order over on their webstore. Build towers, go fishing, race boats and wheel and deal to get the best craftsmen on side with this lovely-looking board game.

Noli - River Horse NOV

NOLI // River Horse

The first thing that struck me about NOLI was its art and design. Everything looks so insanely beautiful from the basic tiles through to the dice, tokens and player boards. The game certainly has a fantastic presence that's for sure.

Noli Components - River Horse NOV

NOLI Components // River Horse

Gameplay-wise, you'll be looking to secure the help of craftsmen in order to help you with your endeavours as you show off to the people of Noli. You'll also be getting stuck into a frantic dice-rolling exercise as you try to win the Regata dei Rioni and take some time to catch fish whilst avoiding raids by pirates. Finally, you're also trying to build the tallest tower in Noli so that you can show off!

If you're interested in learning more about the game, the folks at River Horse sat down to do a neat live play of the game so you can see it in action.

NOLI Live Play // River Horse

As a bonus, it should be noted that the rules come in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish and everything is based on symbology so you shouldn't be scratching your heads when it comes to the components.

Noli Dice - River Horse NOV

NOLI Dice // River Horse

I am a big fan of tight and aesthetically pleasing board games and this one seems to fit the bill. I am very tempted to give this one a go, either at an event or if it pops up in a board game library. I feel like it has a good array of options for players to focus on when it comes to gaining points meaning that there should be plenty of variety when it comes to repeat plays.

Could you be tempted by River Horse's NOLI?

"I am very tempted to give this one a go, either at an event or if it pops up in a board game library..."

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