Snatch The Loot In Ludonaute’s Wild West Kids Express

January 30, 2024 by brennon

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Ludonaute is going to be releasing a new version of their board game classic, Colt Express. This time around, it's a family version called Kids Express where you're trying to get the look back off some dastardly varmints!

Kids Express - Ludonaute

Kids Express // Ludonaute

Some damnable bandits have run off with Mountain Valley's gold and they're escaping from the law aboard the local train. The gold has been hidden in the luggage so you need to ride to the rescue and help Sam, the Marshal's son, get the gold back.

Kids Express Gameplay - Ludonaute

Kids Express - Gameplay // Ludonaute

The game has been simplified from the regular Colt Express to make it accessible for kids. On your turn, you can move your kid or shoot with Sam and his slingshot. From there, you must pick up one of the baggage tokens on the train and apply the effects of it! You'll be rushing from location to location, trying to snag as many tokens as possible and therefore out of the hands of the deadly bandits.

Kids Express Contents - Ludonaute

Kids Express - Contents // Ludonaute

The game still features the awesome 3D components that you'd expect from a Colt Express game. You get the fun engine as well as the carriages behind it and the stagecoach that is charging in alongside the train. What's fun is there is a dexterity element to the game with the slingshot as well, mounted on the back of a platform. You'll be using this to knock bandits off the train and into the dirt!

Are you going to be snapping up Kids Express later this year?

"What's fun is there is a dexterity element to the game with the slingshot as well..."

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