Solomon Kane Adventures To America & The New World

June 22, 2018 by brennon

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Solomon Kane is adventuring beyond the bounds of Europe with a new expansion for the game which has been detailed by Mythic Games. The latest set, America: The New World, takes the Witch Hunter across the seas to face two new stories...

Solomon Kane - America The New World

As you can see, you get quite a lot inside this set. Inside the set is a new storybook, plenty of map tiles which layout this new environment, new discovery and chapter cards to tell the story and of course some new miniatures as well to help represent the additional terrors that Solomon Kane will face in this land.

The first of his adventures is The Lost Colony Of Roanoake which sees Solomon stumbling upon a village which lies deserted and in disarray. The Natives are on the warpath as well and Solomon Kane is going to have to convince them to join his cause...or face dire odds.

Solomon Kane Native Americans

At the end of his adventure, he will find himself facing down a dangerous foe in The Wendigo. He is going to need the help of the peoples of the land if he is going to be able to stand against this terrible creature.

Solomon Kane Wendigo

In the second of his stories, we find Solomon Kane facing off against deadly forces that may indeed be his match. The Witches Of Salem sees Solomon dealing with a familiar problem as accusations of Witchcraft run like wildfire amongst the townsfolk.

Solomon Kane - Salem Witches

Madness and more fill the mind of the populace before a real Witch is uncovered and the trail leads Solomon Kane to face off against the ultimate evil, Satan himself.

Twins & Devil - Solomon Kane

This is an awesome new story to see unfold within the world of Solomon Kane and I can't wait to actually play through these myself to find out about all the twists and turns in the plot!

Will you be going in for this expansion to the main game?

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"Will you be going in for this expansion to the main game?"

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