Steamforged Games Announce All-In Pledge For Bardsung

November 24, 2020 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has now put together another new way for you to get involved with the Bardsung Kickstarter which has moved towards its final days on the fundraising platform. You can now snap up their All-In Pledge option.

Bardsung All In Pledge - Steamforged Games

Bardsung All-In Pledge // Steamforged Games

Check Out Bardsung On Kickstarter

Included as part of the All-In Pledge known as the "Bardsung Pledge" you'll get your hands on...

  • Core Pledge + All Unlocked Quest Goals + Daily Unlocks
  • Lost Levels Expansion (Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • Neoprene Mat
  • Unique Dice
  • 3D Doors
  • Hobgoblin Box
  • Forteller App
  • The Upper Levels Terrain Pack
  • The Distant Depths Terrain Pack

This pledge option means that instead of getting everything separately for £233 you can instead get it at the discounted Bardsung Pledge level of £206.

Bardsung Pledge - Steamforged Games

Bardsung Pledge // Steamforged Games

If this particular entry into the dungeon-delving board game scene has caught your attention then this seems like a pretty good way to dive in and get your hands on everything. If the game interests you, make sure to check out the Let's Play to see how it plays...

...and then delve deeper into their Kickstarter too and do some reading. As well as loads of new characters and monsters plus those big expansions, the team have also brought on board loads of guest writers including Jason Charles Miller, Ginny Di from YouTube, the Dwarven Forge team and the likes of Luke Gygax and Jonathan Green too.

There is quite a lot to explore as part of Bardsung now and you can also fully immerse yourself in their Rulebook too now so you can get a feel for the game as it stands.

Are you tempted by Bardsung?

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