Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Pre-Orders Now Available

March 2, 2021 by brennon

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Plaid Hat Games are now taking pre-orders (releasing in May) for their new and updated version of Summoner Wars. Bringing together card games and miniature wargames, Summoner Wars is a pretty darn awesome Fantasy experience featuring unique factions that can be played out in sixty minutes.

Summoner Wars 2nd Edition - Plaid Hat Games

Summoner Wars 2nd Edition // Plaid Hat Games

The 2nd Edition takes the years and years of experience with the game since it's original release (2009) to bring a refined game to the tabletop. As well as tweaking things here and there, the game features fantastic artwork from Martin Abel and Madison Johnson. These new cards are way cooler than the originals, at least in my opinion!

Summoner Wars Gameplay - Plaid Hat Games

Summoner Wars Gameplay // Plaid Hat Games

During gameplay, you take on the role of a Summoner who is able to control armies of troops who fight for control of the battlefield (seen above) and work to take down the opposing Summoner. This is where the miniature wargame comparison comes in as you're effectively moving "models" around the battle to get the best advantage against your opponents. It's probably the best miniatures-game-without-miniatures I've played.

The real balancing act within the game surrounds how you utilise each of the factions in the game. All of them have their own unique abilities and playstyles and you also need to make interesting tactical decisions during gameplay too. Do you summon new units to the battlefield this turn? Do you focus on casting spells this time around?

Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Trailer

There are six factions available in the new Master Set including the Fallen Kingdom, the Breakers, Polar Dwarves, Vanguard, Cave Goblins and Savanna Elves. More will be coming down the pipeline and each faction "pack" is essentially an army in a box.

You can get in on this game as part of a subscription deal where you pay to get faction packs as they are released. These will be delivered as physical sets and in digital form through their app for Summoner Wars too. I'm not entirely sure on whether or not it's worth diving in on that but the single Master Set should offer up a LOT of repeat plays.

Are you tempted by this new edition of Summoner Wars?

"Are you tempted by this new edition of Summoner Wars?"

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