One Week Left To Embrace CMON’s HATE On Kickstarter

January 30, 2018 by brennon

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HATE has been doing exceptionally well on Kickstarter and they're nearing their last week on the platform. This game from CMON will not be going to retail, so if you've been hedging your bets on it now might be the time to hit the button.

HATE Main Box

HATE Kickstarter

The game itself is set within the decidedly mature graphic novel world of Adrian Smith's HATE, where warbands are raging across the landscape trying to butcher and maim their ways into positions of power so their Princes can claim the position of Tyrant and lord over the world.

HATE Gameplay

The gameplay breaks down into fights between your warbands through set scenarios. Each clash will yield rewards and sufficient tides of gore and blood at the same time.

HATE Gameplay Video

Give the video a watch above to get a feel for how the game plays.

Multiplayer Scenarios Added

Whilst the game started out as a two-player experience (with a group of four playing in its entirety) they have now added more tribes into the mix and some notes on multiplayer games too.

Multiplayer Battles - HATE

"Yes, we have heard your feedback and so we are hard at work to create an optional set of rules that will allow players to engage in battles involving 3 or 4 tribes in the same massive battles. Taking advantage of the extra board and extra components we're unlocking, these epic battles will play quite differently from the usual.

The core of the Chronicle will still involve one player clashing against another player, but these optional rules will allow players to enter these massive battles at certain points of the Chronicle. These rules are still in development, so we cannot delve too deep into specifics, but we intend to offer 2 on 1 battles, 2 on 2 battles, and free for all battles!"

Four new scenarios have been designed to support multiple players at once, although I still like the idea of your group playing out smaller clashes against one opponent at a time. You can read more about this HERE.

The Main Pledge

At the time of writing this is what is included as part of the Main Pledge for HATE (open image in a new tab for a better look at the details).

HATE Main Pledge

This shows off the main tribes for the base game plus two additional tribes, a horde of monsters and even more mercenaries to throw into the mix. All of this amounts to a hell of a lot of pain and suffering as your warriors hack and slash their way through their enemies.

Stretch Goals - Upgraded Components

As with any of these campaigns, there are plenty of stretch goals for you to get stuck into. You'll have seen many of them in the image above but it's always good to have, for example, lots of upgraded components.

HATE Pillage Tokens

As well as the likes of things like the Pillaged Tokens, showing the flaming wreckage that you leave behind, they also created this dismembered hand to represent your Resource Tokens.

HATE Resource Tokens

They have gone a little further with some of the other elements too as they have been looking at some plastic huts for the game which would replace the cardboard and give you a more dynamic 3D board.

Plastic Huts - HATE

I think these would be a great thing to throw into the unlocked pile as they would make things a whole lot more interesting when it came to looking at that flat board. You need something like this to give you an added bit of dynamism I think.

Stretch Goals - New Tribes

The stretch goals have also unlocked some new tribes for you to play around with. They are slowly adding to these and developing them but right now you've got the basis for the Um'Gorr...

HATE Tribe Of Um'Gorr

...and the Um'Cordu, each with their own visual aesthetic which sets them apart from the others out there. Whilst they are basically all covered in blood, gore and hunks of metal they do have some very distinct looks.

HATE Tribe Of Um'Cordu

You also get all of the important cards and accessories you need for these tribes, with no doubt more on the way.

Stretch Goals - Big Beasts!

When it comes to some of the upgrades, they are pretty above and beyond what you'd expect. Although, saying that, this is a CMON Kickstarter so bigger does appear to be better. We start off small though with the unlocked...

HATE Spore Child

...Spore Child, which was one of the mercenaries throw into the mix early during the campaign. They however then went to new heights with the likes of Maw here and Grock.

Hate MAW

HATE Grock

We can even show you the painted versions of each of these massive beasts from some very talented individuals. Here is the finished Maw...

Maw Miniature - HATE

...and then here we have Grock in all of his glory.

Grock Miniature - HATE

This really just scratches the surface of what is coming for HATE and they will no doubt continue to push through stretch goals over the coming week as they round out their campaign.

Are you won over by the game now you've seen more about it and a dose of gameplay?

Drop your thoughts below...

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