Wyrd Expand Malifaux & The Other Side In January Releases

January 12, 2022 by fcostin

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Wyrd Games made a lot of big moves in the industry last year. We saw the year 2021 with a high focus on the tabletop title, Malifaux. However, as we see our way into 2022, the releases list covers all bases for tabletop gamers. Malifaux & The Other Side are at the forefront of the starting month, bringing some 75mm minis, more troops, some twisted alternatives and much, much more.

2 Player Starter Box - The Other Side

Two Player Starter Box // The Other Side

The Other Side: Two Player Starter Set will be available to purchase by the close of January, but there's nothing stopping you from putting in your pre-order. The world Through the Breach is indeed terrifying, weird and adorable. If you are looking for a streamlined venture to teach you the system- inside the box is everything you need to journey into The Other Side. However, if you're looking to expand your challenge further with a more in-depth introduction into the wider world of lore and tension, each model included will have stat cards to be played in Malifaux also.

Hidden Allegiances - Malifaux

Hidden Allegiances // Malifaux

Seeking The Blade - Malifaux

Seeking The Blade // Malifaux

Speaking of Malifaux, there are two new crew boxes tailoring to the new format of Malifaux. Now players no longer have to pick faction-based crews and can build and hire using Keywords, The Explorer's Society and The Ten Thunders will see a new box entitled Hidden Allegiances with English Ivan, Double Agent, Misaki Katanaka, Fractured and Jin Baccara encased, following the keyword DUA & Last Blossom. Along with three new Masters for The Ten Thunders,  The Resurrectionists and The Outcasts in the upcoming Seeking the Blade set.

Iconic - Scorch the Soul - Malifaux

Iconic - Scorch the Soul // Malifaux

If you have been a Malifaux player for a while, and want to bolster up your collection with some Limited sculpts, Wyrd is releasing a large scale version of Sonnia Criid being displayed in a crucial moment for her character in the release of Iconic - Scorch the Soul. Along with the collectable model in the box, players will also be provided a 32mm sculpt to be added to Malifaux 3e. This will not be the only Iconic model being added to the roster this year, so be sure to keep your eye out for the range if you want to bolster your collection.

Puppetpocalypse - Twisted Alternatives - Malifaux

Puppetpocalypse - Twisted Alternatives // Malifaux

There is also alternative sculpts coming to Malifaux in puppet form! With Twisted Alternatives minis for Malifaux's Four Horseman, War, Conquest, Death, and Famine. Inspired by Wyrd title, Puppet Wars, these pre-assembled models will be held together at their seams to bring you fierce units, encased in string material and a soft and fluffy inside.

Vagrantsong - Wyrd Games

Vagrantsong // Wyrd Games

If you are somebody like myself waiting for the official release of Vagrantsong, you will have to hold on to your seats a little longer. Sadly, as much as Wyrd want Vagrantsong out onto your tables, the shipment is stuck in a port of Los Angeles and they are doing everything they can to speed up the process. You may be seeing some copies online and want to get yours out and ready on the tabletop - but these lucky few were able to get their copy when attending Gen Con in 2021. So, if you do decide to head to your FLGS and pick up a copy of Vagrantsong on release, be sure to keep the receipt! As Wyrd is extending a special release until the end of February for a special bonus scenario, all you need to do is send them over your proof of purchase! Head to the official announcement here for more information.

As Wyrd releases go, you can expect these titles to be heading to your FLGS store and online by the end of the month. So be sure to head in for some growth and excitement in your Wyrd titles!

What is your favourite title from Wyrd Games?  

"Now players no longer have to pick faction-based crews and can build and hire using Keywords..."

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