Eat Up With Sins Of The Flesh For TTCombat’s Carnevale

November 10, 2023 by brennon

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TTCombat have another new set for those diving into Carnevale! You can now pre-order Sins Of The Flesh if you're a Patricians player looking to bring some pretty mega taboos to the tabletop as part of this 32mm Pulp Fantasy wargame.

Sins Of The Flesh - Carnevale

Sins Of The Flesh // Carnevale

This set comes with some ace miniatures for you to use alongside your Patricians. Whilst some of your court might find the escapades of these individuals "too much", there is a great Gourmand Noble leading the way who is a fan of their food. You imagine they've tried everything that they can and now their attention has turned to the flesh of humans!

Sins Of The Flesh Miniatures - Carnevale

Sins Of The Flesh - Miniatures // Carnevale

Whilst that larger than life figure is the focus of this set, at least he's being subtle with his dietary requirements. The Cannibal Cultists (above left and below) is just chowing down on a succulent human leg that they are being very protective of!

Cannibal Cultist - Carnevale

Cannibal Cultist // Carnevale

As well as the Cannibals, you've also got some members of the court who have gone down a different route. Led around by a Cortigiane, we have the Submissive Noble who is about to be whipped into shape.

Cortigiane & Submissive Noble - Carnevale

Cortigiane & Submissive Noble // Carnevale

Alongside this pairing, you've also got two more Cortigiane in the box who will fight for you if the pay is good. They are armed with deadly rapiers that will run you through should you end up being inappropriate in their presence.

Another great set of miniatures from the folks at TTCombat for Carnevale that really shows off the different ways you can take the various factions in the game. I think some folks are going to have some fun working on this themed set and potentially building full forces around it.

It really does taste like chicken...

" their attention has turned to the flesh of humans!"

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