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1st Corps Miniatures

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Doomdivers! Free Helldivers Wargaming Rules For Battling Bugs & Bots On Tabletops #OTTWeekender

1 month ago 53

It's OTTWeekender time! Are you a fan of the video game series Helldivers? Make sure to check out the entirely free fan rules from Grimskald that have caught our eye called Doomdivers! These rules allow you to play out your Helldivers battles with Sci-Fi miniatures on the tabletop.

1st Corps Expand Home Guard Range With British Shore Party


1st Corps has expanded its Home Guard range for World War II wargaming in 28mm with a set of British Shore Party miniatures. These are going to be handy for all manner of World War II Historical games but also some What If? scenarios where perhaps these fellows need to hold their own against an invasion force.

Join 1st Corps’ SAS On Their Next 28mm Raid


1st Corps has recently released a new set of 28mm SAS miniatures for those diving into some Modern wargames set during the 1980s. There are three teams for you to choose from, all armed and ready to storm embassies and take our terrorist organisations.

Choo-Choo! Snap Up 1st Corps Steam Engine Crew


If you've recently picked up some MDF train sets from the likes of Sarissa Precision then perhaps this new(ish) release from 1st Corps might be handy! They have produced a Steam Engine Crew that you can use to enhance your terrain and make it feel a bit more engaging on the tabletop.

Take On A New Expedition With 1st Corps’ Pulp Adventurers


If you're looking for some more 28mm Pulp Adventurers to join your collection as you get ready for a new campaign, why not see what you make of these new fellows from Mark Fuller and 1st Corps?

28mm WW2 Home Guard Go Out On The Town With 1st Corps


1st Corps have even more Home Guard for you to check out which could be used in your World War II games or perhaps something a bit more Pulpy! Sometimes the Home Guard get a little tipsy when they go out on the town and they might need a bit of help getting home!

1st Corps Show Off New Cold Wars 28mm British Infantry


1st Corps has started up a new line of 28mm miniatures for those looking to play out the Cold Wars between 1960 and 1990 around the globe. The first set of miniatures over on their webstore right now is the British Infantry from that period. 

Lassoing Your Friends Into The Wild West – A Great Period To Start Historical Wargaming?

8 months ago 12

At OnTableTop, we've often pondered on the best ways to get into Historical wargaming. We even did a whole Cult Of Games episode about it. After mulling it over for a while and muttering about the toss-up between the Dark Ages and World War II, I think I've come down on the side of something entirely different. What about the Wild West?

1st Corps Release American Civil War Walking Wounded


1st Corps has been showing off a few new sets for those looking to dive into 28mm American Civil War wargaming. The first of these sets cover some of the Walking Wounded that have taken a blow or two whilst fighting for the Union or the Confederates. 

1st Corps Bringing Back Battle-Flag’s Old West 28mm Terrain


1st Corps has announced that they are going to be re-releasing the Battle-Flag Old West Terrain as part of their own 28mm collection. They are going to be going back to Trinity and bringing a range of buildings back to tabletops one at a time.

1st Corps Go Scouting With The Home Guard Patrol Boat


1st Corps has expanded its Home Guard range with some new 28mm miniatures from Mark Fuller! This time around, the Home Guard are pootling around the bay in their Patrol Boat, looking to scout out any Axis infiltrators!

1st Corps Offer Up Never Mind The Billhooks Army Bundles


The folks at 1st Corps have put together a couple of new bundles that might be handy for those thinking of giving Never Mind The Billhooks a shot. I know a few folks have shown interest in the rules and so maybe you could be tempted by these Historical forces?

Early War WWII German Infantry Invades 1st Corps Webstore


1st Corps has added a new set of 28mm metal miniatures to their webstore for your Early War World War II wargaming. The Germans are leading the way with miniatures designed to fit into the period between 1939 and 1942 across multiple theatres of war.

Rescue Downed Pilots With 1st Corps’ Home Front Heroes


1st Corps has been showing off some small but neat additions to their World War II collection. The Home Front range expands in particular with a little set that has two Home Guard helping out a Downed RAF Pilot.

1st Corps’ Home Guard Get Their Skates On With New WWII Releases


The Home Guard are the focus of 1st Corps at the moment for those diving into a bit of World War II action on the tabletop. The first set we're looking at for use on the Home Front has the Home Guard On Roller Skates!

1st Corps Roll Forth New WWII Vehicles For Your German Armies


1st Corps has been tinkering with a selection of World War II vehicles in 1/48 for use in your Historical wargames. There are, first, a selection of German Armoured Cars in a variety of different styles that can be used to form your motorised force on the tabletop.

New Early Imperial Roman Miniature Sets Arrive From 1st Corps


1st Corps has added a couple of new miniatures to their Early Imperial Roman collection.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Not Enough Space To Hobby?!


We have lost Gerry to something mystical called...a holiday?! In his place, we've brought Justin back into the fold to talk about the hobby and try and work out how to make enough space to hobby and game!

Is Core Space 2020s Best Sci-Fi Kickstarter + FFG’s New Descent Misses The Mark? #Weekender


We look at the new Core Space: First Born Sci-Fi Kickstarter and ask if FFG's Descent: Legends Of The Dark misses the dungeon-delving mark.

1st Corps Marshal New Civil War Officers & Troops For The Tabletop


1st Corps has been looking to add to their Civil War collection from both sides of the Atlantic with new options for both the English and American Civil War.

1st Corps Get You Set For English & American Civil Wars


1st Corps is keeping the Civil War going on the tabletop, be it in America or in England. We start with the English Civil War as we take a peek at some new cavalry elements which were added into the mix quite recently to their webstore. 

Knock Out The Enemy With New Pak36 Anti-Tank Gun


The Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun was first used in the Spanish Civil War, where it performed well against the light tanks which featured in the conflict.

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