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Paper & 3D Printable Terrain Haul Live On Humble Bundle!


Whether your hobby may be 3D Printing, Papercraft, or miniature wargaming, Humble Bundle got you covered in their recent partnership with Fat Dragon Games.

Weekender: WIN 40K Indomitus Starter Set + Wargaming Miniatures For All Of History

2 years ago 179

Today on the OTT Weekender! We've got some fantastic miniatures to look at from across the Historical spectrum thanks to Footsore Miniatures. Plus, we're giving away a FREE 3D Model from Fat Dragon Games.

Fat Dragon Fill Your Dungeons With Dragonlock Skeletons


Fat Dragon Games has added another set of 3D printable files into the mix for their Dragonlock collection.

Give Fat Dragon’s Printable Owlbear A Big Hug


Fat Dragon have released a new set of sculpts for 3D printing, none other than one of the most well known monsters from the forests of Dungeons and Dragons: The Owlbear. 

Pesky New Goblins Join The Dragonlock Miniatures Range


Fat Dragon Games has expanded upon its Dragonlock range with a new set of Goblinoid Warriors which can be printed off at home. 

Dragonlock Bringing New 3D Printable Miniatures To Your Home


Looking for some monster to grow at home? How about printing them yourself on your 3D printer? Then take a look at this Kickstarter.

A Pesky Goblin Preview For New Fat Dragon Games Kickstarter


Fat Dragon Games has been previewing one of the miniatures will be coming out as part of a new Dragonlock Kickstarter. Check out this pesky Goblin!

Weekender XLBS: Justin’s Godlike Training + Community Feedback


Sam gets a taste of Justin's Mythic Battles Bootcamp!

Fat Dragon Games Releases 3D Print At Home Game World War Tesla


Fat Dragon Games has produced their own 3D printable Sci-fi game.

Fat Dragon Games Release Their Haunting Mausoleum


Fat Dragon Games have shown off their awesome looking Mausoleum which would work as a nice centrepiece for your haunted graveyard in an abandoned town somewhere

Fat Dragon Games Brings Forth Dragonbite Terrain Upgrade


Fat Dragon Games has announced an exciting upgrade to their Dragonlock Terrain System.

Last Days Of Fat Dragon’s Dragonlock 2 Kickstarter Approaching

6 years ago 4

We talk with Fat Dragon Games as we close in on the final few days of their Dragonlock 2 Kickstarter...

Fat Dragon Games Adds New Sets To The Dragonlock 2 Kickstarter


Fat Dragon Games new Kickstarter Dragonlock 2 has some new add-ons that will make any game table special.

Print Your Own Modular Fantasy Table With The Dragonlock 2 Kickstarter


Now you can print your own beautifully detailed, modular, 28mm fantasy terrain on your 3D printer with the latest Kickstarter from Fat Dragon Games. Their Dragonlock 2: Fantasy Village Terrain For 3D Printers has already smashed through their funding goal.

Build A Better Dungeon With The Dragonlock 2 KS From Fat Dragon Games


There's never been a better time to make the leap into 3D printing. Fat Dragon Games returns to Kickstarter on September 6th for their Dragonlock 2 Kickstarter, which features their fantastic modular, E-Z Lock dungeon terrain.

The Lizardfolk Skulk Into Fat Dragon’s Dungeons


Fat Dragon Games have added a new set of miniatures to their collection for those of you wanting to populate your dungeons with critters to kill. See what you think of the Dragonlock Lizardfolk Set I which gives you files to print off on your own 3D printer...

More Miniatures Appear For Fat Dragon’s World War Tesla


Fat Dragon Games are preparing their own new weird world war game for Kickstarter and have just published an image showing off a few more of the miniatures that will be in it.

Fat Dragon Print the First Test Mech Of World War Tesla


Fat Dragon Games have a new game in the works, mixing Weird World War with glorious Tesla-inspired mechanisms. The first test for one of the game's mechs has just appeared, ready for World War Tesla.

Dragonlock Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter Is Off & Running


Fat Dragon Games is looking to create a wonderful project for you to be able to print at home on your own 3D printer.

Fat Dragon’s Wilderness Adventure Begins on Kickstarter!


Fat Dragon Games' latest Kickstarter project, the Wilderness Adventure range of printable terrain, is now up and looking for crowd funding.

Fat Dragon Start Their Wilderness Adventure Next Tuesday


Fat Dragon Games have announced that their next Kickstarter will be kicking off on Tuesday the 20th of January, bringing us printable terrain for a Wilderness Adventure.

Fat Dragon Games Take A Trip Down the Docks


The latest Ravenfell set of printable terrain will be coming out this week from Fat Dragon Games, giving you a place to tie up your boat. Welcome to the Ravenfell Docks.

Fat Dragon Begin A Wilderness Adventure


Fat Dragon Games have got another Kickstarter coming our way this January, this time to create a set of printable terrain that will allow us to go on a Wilderness Adventure!

Fat Dragon Build Sewers for Ravenfell to Relief of All


The new paper terrain sewer set for Fat Dragon Games' range of fantasy gaming sets has been finished and released onto RPG Now.

Fat Dragon Work on the Obligatory Sewer Level


Fat Dragon Games have put up a preview of the next Ravenfell paper terrain set. It's time to go exploring some sewers.

Ravenfell: Ruins Headed Your Way From Fat Dragon Games


New ruined paper terrain from Fat Dragon Games is coming in the addition of their Ravenfell: Ruins. This terrain not only looks great but saves precious space in terms of storage.

Fat Dragon Games Take a Peek Into Ravenfell


Fat Dragon Games are getting ready to release the core set of their Kickstarter funded terrain set Ravenfell, and have begun publishing preview images to help us explore the fantasy town.

Litter the Streets of Ravenfell with Fat Dragon’s Printable Terrain


Fat Dragon Games are going to be releasing the Items and Streets set for Ravenfell this week and have just put out a preview of what we can expect to see in the kit.

The Windmills of Your Mind Get Printed Out by Fat Dragon


Fat Dragon Games have announced the release of one of their Kickstarter funded Ravenfell terrain sets over on DriveThruStuff: The Ravenfell Wind and Water Mills.

Fat Dragon Games Give Ravenfell a Steampunk Make Over


Fat Dragon Games have announced that, for the $55,000 stretch goal on their Ravenfell Kickstarter, they will create a steampunk accessory pack to take this fantasy town into an age of science and progress.

Fat Dragon Games Believe a Dwarf can Fly!


Fat Dragon Games have announced the next printable miniature kit they are bringing out; an awesome airship for your dwarfs to take to the skies.

Fat Dragon Games Construct Ravenfall On Kickstarter


See what you think of this terrain from Fat Dragon Games and their new Kickstarter to bring Ravenfall to life.

Fat Dragon Returns to Kickstarter To Build the Village of Ravenfell


Fat Dragon Games will be returning once again to the mystical lands of Kickstarter to fund their next set of printable paper terrain simply named Ravenfell.

Dig Deep With Fat Dragon’s Steam Powered Mining Drill


Do your dwarfs need to get a mine excavated in a hurry? Fat Dragon Games can help out, with their new steam-powered Mining Drill, coming out this week.

Fat Dragon Take Us On a Tour of the Mines


Fat Dragon Games have published a series of promo images before they release their Mines of the Mountain King set to get us an idea of just what to expect in these deep twisting tunnels.

This Week Fat Dragon Take Us Into the Mines of the Mountain King


This week Fat Dragon Games will be releasing their latest set of paper terrain, taking you deep into the dark Mines of the Mountain King.

Delve Into The Halls Of The Mountain King With Fat Dragon


Fat Dragon Games have bought their Kickstarter success to RPG Now so you can get building your favourite underground dungeon. Yes, it has Dwarves in it!

Perform Sorcery in the Fat Dragon Games Wizard’s Tower


A great wizard needs three things, namely a staff, a pointy hat and a tower. But instead of resorting to magic or building contractors now they can just print one out from Fat Dragon Games.

Kickstart the Creation of Fat Dragon’s Dungeons


The kickstarter for Fat Dragon's latest terrain set is now live. Get ready to explore the Dungeons of the Mountain King.

Fat Dragon Plans to Build the Halls of the Mountain King


Fat Dragon Games will soon be launching a kickstarter to build the real halls of the Mountain King.

What Could Be Lurking in the Fat Dragon Graveyard?


Graveyards are ever a popular location in the world of tabletop gaming and now you can get one printed out as Fat Dragon have released their new Winterhawk Cemetery.

Spend the Night in the Fat Dragon Cemetery


Fat Dragon have provided a preview of the next set of paper terrain which they will be releasing. The cemetery.

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